You Are Beautiful And Strong and Freaking Hardcore

I think every blogger, mom, woman, human being, deals with not feeling good enough. Never feeling like they’ve arrived at a magical place where they’re successful and accepted and generally awesome. Bloggers do it, too.  Despite how many posts we write about not comparing yourselves to others, we still do it. I still do it.


I see the accomplishments, book deals, the meet-ups and conferences, the iPads and the smartphones that other bloggers are blessed with and I’m good old fashioned jealous. And apparently it comes across in my internet demeanor (attractive, yes?) My bad.


This is part of an email that a reader sent me last week.


Those instagrammy scenes of wine and God and coffee (what is it with Christians and coffee?) and prayer and understanding and lakes and expensive computers and etsy clothes and smiling faces and salon haircuts – that’s fine, whatever. But your life –

Your life is so beautiful.

Your life is so real. Realer than blog shit. Realer than instagram. Deeper than packaged “authenticity.” Fuller than nice. More counter-cultural than an acceptable half step from center. Your life is beautiful and you are beautiful and strong and freaking hardcore, and you are changing the course of generations of people by showing your family so much love and honesty.


Thanks for the reminder and pep talk, random reader.


And thanks for all of you that support us, who buy us groceries, who bother to show up to this place and read the things I say. I cannot imagine what my life would be like right now if I hadn’t rather serendipitously started blogging 3 years ago.


You guys help make me beautiful and strong and freaking hardcore. And I hope that I help make you a little of the same.




  1. I know I’m a new reader but I totally agree with your “fan mail” and I think it’s one of the reasons I’m so impressed with your blog and love reading your posts. I’m really thankful for the day I stumbled across Wild Things on amazon and feel even more blessed to know that the girl who wrote it is young and has such a real, sometimes-frustrated-with-church-but-still-loves-God, not-very-rich, sometimes-messy, full-of-hurts life. And even has typos in her blog titles. haha sorry couldn’t resist. it makes you even more hardcore. :)

  2. You have appeal. You ARE real. I get it. I get YOU. You say what others dare not say.
    Continue to love me in my quietness (but screaming on the inside). ;) If I can’t say anything of value, it doesn’t get written.
    Surely I’m not the only one “of my kind” that support you in your hardcore! When we get down to it, there is the grunge in E’RYBODY! Some just pretty it up way too much and too often with shallow attempts to appear hardcore.
    Oh…and I don’t have all those gadgets, salon budget hair (I do my own $5 relaxer…that’s “perm” in black girl language), I don’t do all the meet-ups, etc. Just a southern girl sitting in her house messing up more than I’ll ever admit.

  3. Word. You are the dopest! Just being yourself and baring your weaknesses and struggles helps my day. Much <3

  4. I love it!!
    Sometimes I think I want to be/try/try harder on my blog so that I can be one of “those bloggers” but BOO I’m not.
    I just started reading your blog, though I’ve randomly stalked your comments over at Shaun Groves blog :) I’ve loved what I read though. The realness. the honesty and how it grips the heart and soul of those reading it. That’s what we need more of in this world especially the church. Gutsy and freakin hardcore.
    I love real people though. Authentic, willing to show the messy, the ugly and sometimes even admit that they say bad words…. Cause I do!

  5. I am so much more hardcore because of you :)

  6. Sometimes, I feel like I’m reading my own thoughts when I read your posts, raw and real don’t seem to give them the justice they deserve. I sit here and all those “churchy” people, my neighbors, stand outside, huddled together as I type, talking about how I’m psycho. They are loud enough that my children can overhear them. They mailed me a letter that I received today stating their opinions of me, that I’m “psycho”. This is something that strikes fear in my soul due to my own journey. The enemy uses this crap and these mean people to try and cripple me. And then I read your post about being real, embracing who God the Creator of the Universe made me to be, even if others think that is psycho. So thank you for encouraging me today. I read ALL your posts but never comment, maybe I’ll get over that one day, :)

  7. Living REALLY authentically is hard at times too. I find myself being drawn to those lovely blogs of lovely photos and lovely lives and then I slap myself as I am reminded that I am ME and I need to live as ME and reflect ME. By living truly authentic lives we show all sides of God’s glory and personality, including the ‘freaking hardcore’ side as you do so well Jessica!

    • Ironically, last week Mr. Hawaiian Shirt did a sermon about living authentically and about how it has it’s rewards but some people will reject you for it. It is hard at times.