Wild Things Say The Darnedest Things

Five Year Old: “Mom, when will the world end?”


Me: “Um, well.  One day Jesus is going to come back and then this world will end and we’ll get a new world where everyone is nice.”


Five Year Old. “…like Brazil?”


Sure.  Why not.


Has one of your wee wild things said a darnedest thing lately?




  1. Heelarious Jessica! Your kids are so cute. I’m loving that a 5 year old knows of a “nice” place called Brazil!
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    • Thanks. It’s because of the Compassion International child we correspond with from Brazil. Not sure why he thinks it’s so “nice” though. :)

  2. LOL! My son (also 5.5) likes to talk about when he’s grown and has his own family. He asked me one day how he would know his wife’s name. After I laughed a little I told him that she would tell him when they met. Then he asked how he would know who she was and I told him that only God knows so we must pray that He’d show him.
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  3. My 2 year old wild thing has been going through a phase of being facinated with boobs which includes, among other things, wanting to touch everybody’s. So we have the conversation… seemingly all the time… about how it’s not appropriate to go up to people and touch their boobs, if you want to touch boobs you can touch your own.

    Then we had a newborn wild thing and now everytime he breastfeeds she’ll run up to him screaming “No no baby brother! Touch OWN boobs! TOUCH OWN BOOBS!”
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  4. Chris Payne says:

    This afternoon I asked my 3 year old son how old he thought I was. He said 15. He was only 18 years off. This had me and my 10 year old son laughing very loudly.

  5. They say so much and I forget to write it down!

    My 3 year old keeps insisting she wants to dance with her 5 year old brother, when they get older. My 5 yr old thinks that means they’ll be married though and keeps telling her she is going to get married to another boy and he’s going to marry a different girl. It is so cute to see them be so illogically logical.

    My 3 year old woke up this morning and randomly said “peanut butter grapes”. Um, that was odd. Very random. And made us all crack up.

    My kids both call the chiropractor the “helicopter” in all seriousness. Too cute for words.

    My 5 yr old says “I don’t matter” when he means “it doesn’t matter” or “I don’t care”. Also too cute to correct.

    3 yr old also said today, “maybe when I’m a mommy I can whistle too”. She’s been trying so hard but can’t do it so she screams while pursing out her lips. Most annoying sound ever. Lol

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