Wild Thing Passport Photos: Then and Now.


Took the Wild Things to get new passport photos the other day.  Apparently those things expire after awhile.  And it had been … awhile.


The Wild Things were champions about the whole deal, very brave soldiers.  You might be thinking, “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a picture, it’s not like they’re getting a shot.”  To which I would reply with this:



Yeah, that’s how passport photos in the past have gone.  That’s Seven Year Old up there, btw.  About 6 years ago.  Sheesh, that kid was blond. Or maybe it just looks that way contrasted against this beet red face…


I was particularly concerned about Five Year Old, because he’s been the most historically picture shy one of the bunch.




No, seriously.

But, I briefed him pretty well before hand on what was going to go down, and to my pleasant surprise, he did a mean mug for the camera.  And to keep our passport experience memorable, he was sporting a sweet scratch on his face.




And check out how luxurious Seven Year Old’s ‘do looked.  It may not be as blond anymore, but it’s still got the magic.



Aaaand, one more laugh for the day.  I won’t share Eleven Year Old’s most recent photo, but let me assure you that she has passport redeemed herself.  Her last passport photo is, literally, the worst picture of her ever taken.  Ever.  She had lost all four of her front teeth.  And then she, proudly, flared her nostrils and pulled back her lips in a great big smile…




Yeah, I can’t even look at that without shaking my head. *shakes head*


Anyway, just one more thing out of the way for our new, Canadian, adventure!  Oh, and guess what we found right across from the passport station at CVS?



Yeah, we couldn’t resist. :)





  1. Aww.. Sweet little camera shy boys pull at my heart strings. My four year old middle boy does not enjoy getting his picture taken. Most recent photo of family together is us sitting in Santa’s place because the boys were so terrified that the workers asked Santa to “take 5 and feed the reindeer” so we could AT LEAST get a family photo. Yet, Finn’s face is turned into my jacket. Maybe next year. :)

    • Jessica says:

      I think it’s interesting that he’s always been like that, even as a baby. Wonder what it means.

  2. How often do you have to renew them?

    • Jessica says:

      Um, I’m not sure. I think it depends on what kind you get, and I think kids have to renew more often maybe. It has been more than 5 years. Mine and Husband’s were still good, though.

      • It would seem that kids would need to get them more often. They change so much. Especially your 11 year old. LOL. :) I think for adults, they are good for 10 years. I hope I use mine again before it expires.

  3. Ha. I think mine is still good as well, but Chad was asking me all kinds of passport questions the other day. Apparently he wants to take a trip to Canada sometime to see these people we know who will be there. :)

  4. I think it’s actually hysterical that kids’ passports are good for FIVE years. (Adults are good for 10, which makes sense, but kids change SO much.) Agent A is two or three weeks old in his passport photo. He’s now 17 months and it’s still good for another 3 years. He looks a wee bit different now.