It’s been 15 weeks and I finally feel ready. Since moving all this way across a continent on the heals of being burned in more ways than one, I finally feel ready to open up into new community, new friendships.


I’ve needed this time to close away. I always do. Each new move is met with a sort of quietness on the other side. A time of leaving friends behind and learning how to be alone with myself.


But now I feel that little chapter coming to a close again. And I’m ready to dive back into intimacy with those outside of the 6 that live under my roof.


I’m ready for silliness and spontaneity. I’m ready for dancing and hooping and cooking and eating. I’m ready for supporting and being supported. For hearing and being heard. I’m ready to be part of The Body again.


I think it’s good for the soul, this having the freedom to be birthed anew every so often. New town, new house, new life. And I’m wide open and ready.


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  1. That’s awesome Jessica! I can’t imagine how hard a major cross country move is but I think I can totally understand your desire to remain “inside”. Praying you find the community, friendship, acceptance and love that you seek to make this new adventure that much more special! :)

    • We left a couple of close friends behind this time. Probably the first time we’ve done that in all of our moves. But we’ve moved somewhere pretty awesome and I don’t think I’ll have any problems finding new people to be myself with. :)

  2. Ruth Suyamin says:


  3. Totally awesome post. Allowing yourself to open up after a move, especially when you’ve been hurt by “the body” before is very hard. I’m a military wife so I’ve had to do it a few times myself and may have to do it all over again next year. May God bless you in your endeavors and I hope that God blesses you with some amazing, REAL, let-your-ugly-hang-out-with-them friends.

    • I was a military wife for 8 years so I totally understand. We’ve been groomed for this starting over thing, eh? :)

  4. commenting again to subscribe to replies. i always forget. not awake enough yet.

  5. Woot!!! I love your outlook:)))

  6. Good for you sweety.

  7. Go getem!
    In from 5 Minutes.

  8. Wow, what excitement awaits you! I feel so happy for you – Glory, Glory, Glory – rain down upon this child of yours :)

  9. Yay for moving to a new place and wanting to jump in , Jessica!! I have to say, too that the site looks beautiful (I need to poke around some and get all up in your business). Do they say that in Canada? Anywho… hoop to it and enjoy evey bit of your new life there and the people God has placed in your path.

  10. Visiting from Five Minute Friday. Great thoughts! I’m also moving forward into new, wide open territory. Eager to leave the past in the past and get on with it!

  11. I still haven’t gotten to that point here in this town. I think I’ve been rebelling against this place since we got here instead of accepting that we are going to stay here for a while. I like the area. Its nice. There are plenty of outdoor activities around here, which we like. But as a grown up, its really difficult for me to make new friends. I like my old ones just fine and want them to live in a house in my yard so I can go see them all the time ;) Plus, when you guys were still in Waycross, we still saw you pretty frequently so it wasn’t like we needed any new friends.

    But I still haven’t been able to see the need in reaching out and connecting with any one new. I feel like we should make new friends. Because that’s what people say that people need…socialization and all that. But I don’t feel like we really need them. Make sense?

    We’re hermits. Lol

  12. Jessica! I just like you so much and reading this today just makes me like you even more…you are a kindred spirit…I know that for sure! And I have a knack for these things. I cannot WAIT to learn more about you! Your blog banner and layout already have me captivated!

    Loved partying with you last night!

  13. Love, love, love this!! Yes, this is the way I am feeling. We just moved and I have needed this time. Thank you for sharing your heart!!