Why I (in)courage wrote Parenting Wild Things

The wonderful gals over at (in)courage have given me the opportunity to talk about my new eBook Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus.  Check it out for new insights into the book that I’ve not shared anywhere else.


I never ever ever thought I would write a parenting book.  Ever.


But you know how they say you should write what you’re passionate about, what you know?


Well, I know being a mother.  Point in fact, it’s the thing I have absolutely the most experience in.  You see, I didn’t graduate high school, go off to college, live a little, “find myself”, meet a cute guy, get married, revel a bit in coupledom, and then finally have me a baby or two.


Well, I did do most of those things, … just not in that order.


Hop on over to (in)courage to read the rest about why I wrote Parenting Wild Things.




  1. Squee!!! ;)

  2. I literally just finished reading your book and I wanted to come here and thank you for it. My husband and I really enjoyed it and learned a ton about ourselves and our children, so much more than one would expect from a short book. We both gained some valuable techniques to try too! Thank you again. :)

    • Well, you just know what to say to make a girl’s heart happy, don’t you? :D So glad!