Why Canada?


That’s a long way, y’all.

So, why did the Bohemian Bowmans move to Canada?  Weren’t we trying to find a way to South Asia?  What the heck’s going on around here?  Enough people have asked me something along these lines recently that I realized that I need to clarify for the transient readers who may have gotten lost in the 3000 mile shuffle.


We do still desire a life  and work in South Asia but, frankly, no avenues have opened up to us.  And a couple have even slammed in our faces.  So we twiddled our spiritual thumbs in Georgia until we had a peace about moving on and until The Husband finished his online seminary degree.


Seeing no career opportunities, he decided to pursue further education in an area that he has always been interested in and that will hopefully help to eventually propel us back across an ocean.  After looking into several schools, we settled on a reputable school in BC where that sexy help-meet of mine is studying linguistics.  The hope is that it will lead to future work in south Asia.


So here we are in BC; adjusting to maple leaf life, eh?  If he finishes out this degree we’ll be here at least a couple of years, which I’m very much looking forward to.  It’s a gorgeous area with tons to do, supposedly mild winters for Canada, and no poisonous stinkin’ snakes to worry about!  Hurrah!