Why Arguments Happen {A Comic}


A Saturday Bohemian Husband Post.

Ever wonder why arguments happen?  Well, here’s  a few simple comics that break it down for you.


bull crap comic

Bull crap.


verbal diarrhea comic

Verbal Diarrhea


some dumb thing comic

Dumb things.


Superiority Complexes



new information comic

New Information



Jesus Complexes



Hard Choices Are Right.


change comic



power in the hands of a fool

Power in the Hands of a Fool.


paradigm shift comic

Paradigm Shifts.




  1. Bahahahahahahahahahhahaha. Application for possession of power and new information doorknocker. Lol

  2. OK….I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine. Looking for a lighthearted blog…….
    Good night.
    Happy New Year!