What is Bohemian Bowmans about, anyway?


If you’ve been hanging around here long enough you’ve noticed that I routinely (either annually or bi-annually) freak out about the “mission” and “purpose” of this little corner of the interweb.


This isn’t a niche blog.  I know this.  And most of the time I embrace it.  But occasionally I get all angsty about it.


I completely understand why so many bloggers start and stop so many blogs.  Because people grow.  They change.  They’re interests evolve and mature and blossom into new areas.  And it can be very hard to contain all of that organicness of life into one little bloggy shell.  There’s this need to shed the old snake skin or crab shell and go find a bigger, shinier one that fits better.


But I don’t want to do that.


So I’m left routinely stretching this bad boy out, willing it to conform to my ever changing ideas about life and faith and parenting and who-knows-what-else.  Which sometimes makes me feel sort of embarrassed.  Like my pants are a little too short or like that girl (me) who has gained weight but still keeps trying to wear those pants that really. don’t. fit.


Sometimes this place is all foodie and sometimes it’s all theological and sometimes it’s all parenty and sometimes it’s simply all hey-look-at-me-I’m-doing-something.  The more I lean in one area the more awkward it feels when I branch out into another.  I feel like I’m giving “the readers” a bait and switch, like the $1,000 dollar bill evangelizing tools (ooh, pun well played).


I worry that the smorgasbord method of blogging turns a lot of people off to this space.  Like, they like the theological stuff but really don’t care anything about parenting because they’re a single college student and it super doesn’t apply.  It also leaves even me having a hard time defining my own domain.  I’ve met several people recently with the move that, upon finding out I’m a blogger, asked what my blog is about.  And I’m left standing their sputtering awkwardly like,


“Um. (pause) I don’t know. (pause) Just, ya know (nervous laugh) our life and stuff. “


(Here’s the part where you reassure me that I should write about whatever I want because it’s my space (not to be confused with myspace) and I should be able to do whatever I want with it, and in fact you like my half-hazard way of doing things)


*takes breath*


But I know at the end of the day I’m just going to keep on keepin’ on — writing about whatever tickles my fancy and trying not to care too much that I don’t appeal to absolutely everyone on the stinkin’ planet  — trying  not to woo the hipsters into hanging around despite how much I talk about my kids or beg the conservatives not to write me off even though I’m unconventional in some areas.


Whew. Now that the whining is out of the way, I really want to know: What is your favorite part of Bohemian Bowmans?


Do you prefer the theological discussions?


Do you simply enjoy the chronicling of our family’s life and adventures?


Do you want to hear more parenting strife and advice?






  1. Um. Yeah, so–I’m “Randomly Chad.” Meaning my advice is: write your life, make it authentically you, whatever your topic is.

    I rebel against strategies, and formulas. Just write YOU.

    See Bryan Allain’s post from July 12th.
    Randomlychad recently posted..Further Along the Road Called “Alright”My Profile

  2. I love your blog. The whole blog. I like that its collective and not just one particular thing. I get easily bored with singular blogs. I think you should write whatever your heart desires. Why would you want to box yourself in to one type of thing? You are not a boxy person, my dear. You are an out of boxy person. :) Of course, I may be just a tiny smidgen partial to you and yours ;)
    Neffer recently posted..Double Duty SaturdayMy Profile

  3. I’m a mom of three boys and a girl, so I began to read your blog initially because of parenting stuff. My blog is similar in the sense that it’s a smorgasbord of food and kids and life; I also don’t know how to sum it up, so I don’t. I think my best advice to you is to just keep on with what you’re doing, presenting that multi-focus format, because it’s real and organic and you. Smorgasbord blogs, like yours, are the most fun. The others always become a bit boring after a while; apart from the foodie ones! :)
    Erin recently posted..GingersnapsMy Profile

  4. And here I thought your blog was about one thing…. Life. :-) the only time I yawn is when it turns theological. Lol
    Amy recently posted..Not AshamedMy Profile

  5. I find this blog to be the perfect mix of all things. Since are lives are similar yet different I find it interesting to read what you do/did. You takes on Christianity and unschooling get me thinking ways maybe I wouldn’t have.

  6. Llewsilla says:

    Jessica I love it all! Don’t change a thing. We are all complex people and we delve and dabble and that is what keeps us alive and fresh. OK so I suppose if I was a single male theologian I’d unsubscribe ;) but I’m not… Be you – whoever that happens to be today. I love variety, I love the chronicles, I love the food budget stuff…I guess you’re preaching to this choir. BTW, I’ve always wanted to have a little shop with free tea in all different cups with a resident kitty and some comfy chairs…but what to sell? I’d call it My Favorite Things and sell whatever I happened to like just then… so! Keep that shell girl!

  7. I like all of it, there aren’t many topics that don’t interest me. Write for you and for God and the rest of us will be along for the ride, wherever you take us.

  8. Heidi M says:

    I love your blog just the way it is. It is a good mix of all of the above. Don’t change a thing. Random things lead to other cool things. My 12 year old daughter is now friends with your daughter on Hawrse or however you spell that weird mispelling of horse because of a post not theological or parenting tip related. Just keep it coming.

  9. I love your blog. And I’ve always liked the adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
    It’s called BOHEMIAN Bowmans for a reason…even your blog wanders on journeys. ;)
    Judy recently posted..Judy’s Books on Amazon.comMy Profile

  10. Yeah, I go through this as well. I feel like I should focus on one topic, start a blog, then neglect it. I keep coming back to the blog I’ve had for ages where I write about all sorts of things… whatever is on my mind at the time. Maybe I’m unfocused, I dunno. :)
    Tina Roggenkamp recently posted..Balancing unschooling and … do I need to deschool myself?My Profile

    • Jessica says:

      I know if I started a niche blog I would completely abandon it. The only reason I can keep the content regular around here is because I can write whatever I want! Lol.

  11. Shannon says:

    My mind wanders through all those topics and more in the space of an hour. Why shouldn’t a blog do that too? Do what makes you happy and gives you fulfillment.

  12. Thank you so much for writing this post today. I started a blog a long time ago and well, I let it drop. Then I started a new one last month because hey…new phase of life and all that…and I’ve been pretty faithful writing on it until this past week.

    Mostly because I don’t know where to focus. Sometimes I’m all hey! look at the cute baby, and sometimes I’m all…oh wow look what Jesus did…and then sometimes I’m just plain boring.

    Well maybe I’m always boring and my daughter is the only one brave enough to tell me about it. I don’t know.

    So huge hugs and thanks and kudos and reassurances and whatnot.

    Keep writing. Please.

  13. I enjoy reading your blog. I think my hippy-ness has been bumped up a notch, which before it was limited to one tie-dye Crab Trap Tee. Sometimes the theological “stuff” is way too much for this country girl to process in one sitting, but it does give my mind some food for thought and gets me wonder & questioning. Not bad things, mind ya! And as for the parenting – kid – life thing, well l like it! Please keep being you! Please keep writing what you need to pour out whether it be a message from the Lord (insert Veggie Tale song!) or just everyday life!

    Write On Bohemian!

  14. Don’t change a thing. Our lives are not just one topic, nor should our personal blogs be ‘just one thing’. Love your blog!
    HeatherB recently posted..Long Day and my BIG Boy!My Profile

  15. I hear ya and I’ve had similar thought on my own blog but I”ve decided I like the ‘messy’ blogs. They are like life.
    Things happen and events pop up and sometimes God shows that crazy sense of humor He has, and we need to share all about it.
    I think of a blog like being invited into someone’s kitchen for coffee. It’s their house and when I’m there, I learn about them and their life. The more variety in a blog, the better.
    Sure the themed blogs are good and all (especially when you are looking for something specific), but like I read in another’s comments, sometimes they get boring.
    Just keep on doing what your doing. If you enjoy what you are writing, others will come that enjoy reading it. Otherwise, what’s the point? :)
    Penny recently posted..Jesus Loves Me (Flash Mob Friday)My Profile

  16. I read blogs because I want to know the person behind the blog. What they like, what they think…When I add a blog to my feed reader, I’m look really looking for advice and how-tos, just community and the feeling that I’m not alone in my weird parenting life.
    Marisa recently posted..Absolute freedomMy Profile

  17. I like that we have the same last name but probably aren’t related. And, we share so many life interests.

  18. Bailey Bullock says:

    I appreciate your theology because I also hail from the Bible belt and you answer questions I have, and you seem to have developed down the same path I am. I appreciating your parenting posts, also. Even though I have yet to finish high school, I do intend to parent one yday, and I have to deal with children even though none belong to me yet. I also love reading about your day to day life and struggles — a reason I prefer blogs to books. So keep up the good work.

    • Jessica says:

      Its’ nice to find people who also have questions. So often questions just seem to make people angry.

  19. I have to say that I like everything about your whole blog. The variety is really nice keep on going and try not to sweat the small stuff. As you say it is your blog and you can do what you want with it. Have fun!

  20. Danielle Hull says:

    I just recently started reading your blog. I like the variety. And I’m conservative ;) I think sharing experiences is a great way to learn. You’re not telling me what to do but sharing what you do and how you do it or why you believe what you believe, and I like it!

  21. I’m “conservative” and haven’t written you off yet!

  22. ;)

  23. Sorry to just add another boring comment saying that I love your blog just as it is. Specifically, the discussions on parenting, home (un) schooling, theology, travel, and everyday adventures are what appeal to me most.

  24. Did you come in a box? No? Then don’t let others try to fit you into one! My take on blogging ( I am a blogging neophyte, so perhaps you shouldn’t listen to me) is that it should be about YOU! So, you are a mother, an unschooler, a home churcher, a theologian (because we all are, whether we know it or not). You are a complete human being with diverse thoughts, interests, and beliefs. Own it and embrace it!
    Carrie recently posted..Classroom EnvironmentMy Profile

  25. I like it all. Keep up your smorgisborg.
    Jenna recently posted..Drunk Bible Stories-JobMy Profile

  26. Jessica, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Blog about the Bowmans. ;) Especially the unschooling stuff.

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