What I’m thankful for: 2011.


This time of year, particularly on Facebook, people get all thankful for stuff.  Like, seriously thankful.  Like thankful-out-of-the-wazoo kind of thankful.


So I finally figured it couldn’t hurt that much to jump on the thankful bandwagon.  So long as the wagon wasn’t moving too fast, of course.   


I’m not going to pick 30 things to be thankful for, though.  Because, well, I’m lazy.  And I don’t want to spread my thankfulness too thin.  But don’t doubt that I could.  I could totally whip up 100 things to be thankful for and include the truly important things in life like vanilla cola and netflix.


No, this year, instead of a materialistic cornucopia of thankfulness, I’m going to reduce my thanks to just 1.  That’s right, one.


1) Bohemian Husband


I don’t think I’ve ever been more thankful for my husband than I have been this year. And not just because he’s a complete genius and, litrally, the funniest person I’ve ever met.  (Not to mention a sexy beast.)  Besides all of that, I’ve come to realize how truly lonely and alone some people are.  Which was no secret, I guess.  I mean, I did have access to that information before now.  But I’m just now coming to appreciate it.


Cause you see, I’ve never been alone.


And as I’ve said enough times to be annoying around here, I married that husband of mine when I was a junior in high school. Sure, we’ve been occasionally separated by silly little things like war, but other than that I’ve had someone to lay beside for my entire adult life.


And the older we get, the more attached to him I seem to get.  Which isn’t to say he’s perfect, obviously.  He still does, and says, and thinks things sometimes that make me want to kick him in the sexy beast.  But those times are infinitely less than they were a decade ago.


So, I’m thankful that I have a partner in this life.  Someone to bring me tea when I’m sick and love me despite my double chin.  Someone to wrestle with Wild Boys because I’m not contact-sport inclined.  Someone to keep me warm at night.  Someone to make me laugh.  The out loud way.  Hourly.


And the fact that he’s a sexy beast of a genius linguist?  Icing, y’all.  Icing.



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