Want To Guest Post for Bohemian Bowmans?


Hey. I’m busy. That’s right, I’m off graphic designing, and writing e-books, and um, being a parent and stuff.


Don’t get me wrong, I still have some slammin’ new content lined up around here. I have quite a few series in the works that I think are going to rock  your world a little bit.  But I also have gaps.


So I’m looking for gap-shaped people.  That’s right, you – yes you! have the opportunity to write here on this little corner of the interwebs.  I’m looking for some smart and funny people to write about faith, funny, or family.


Shoot me an email at bohemianbowmans at gmail dot com including your post (500-1000 words) a nice little pictchah of ya face, and an image to be used within your post (sized less than 600 pixels wide, please).


I’ll sort through the submissions and let you know if and when your post will run.  Thanks, y’all! I just don’t have time to be everywhere at once on the internet these days. :)



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