Truth in the Tinsel … with Wild Things


I mentioned before that we were going to be brave and actually do advent activities this year.  I’ve wanted to in previous years, but the truth is I’m lazy.  I downloaded Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree book last year (because, after all, don’t all little girl bloggers want to be Ann Voskamp when the grow up?), but then lost inspiration somewhere between downloading and printing. :/

So this year, when I randomly happened upon the Truth In The Tinsel book debut for the first time, and it happened to be Black Friday, I decided it couldn’t hurt to snatch that baby up and give it a gander.


I quickly realized that this was, in fact, something I could manage.  A simple bible reading for each day, a simple craft, bada bing, bada boom, and we had us an advent to be excited about.


A lot of people have asked about the price of the materials for the crafts.  I can say for myself that it will be $0.  I have enough dollar tree materials scattered around that I’m modifying crafts when it’s necessary so that I can use stuff that I already have on hand.


For example, our Day 1 candle was made in part with streamers instead of tissue paper.



Our day 2 crown was covered in stickers instead of jewels.



Our day 3 Zechariah’s head was made out of the side of a tissue box instead of a jar lid, he had a wooden nose instead of a pasta nose, and he had a pom pom mouth instead of a bubble wrap mouth.



Our day 4 Gabriel was made out of foam instead of jingle bells and fanned out paper.



Our day 5 Marry was made out of a popsicle stick instead of a clothes pin.



And our Day 6 Mary and Elizabeth’s bellies poked out due to some wooden circles glued underneath instead of puffy stickers.



It really doesn’t take long to do each day, even with prep time (though I realize some activities that I haven’t gotten to yet will be more involved, like the apples sauce/cinnamon ornament).


I like that the ornaments are easy to review every day and that the story is really put in an easy timeline to understand, from Isaiah prophesying a son who would be born who’s kingdom would last forever, to Gabriel coming to Mary and telling her God will make her son a king that will last forever.  I really do think the Wild Things are grasping the story and remembering the progression each day.


And to prove it…



Yeah.  Advent with boys is still … advent with boys.


Oh yeah, after much deliberation, I decided to hang our ornaments on a Charlie Brown Jesse Tree of sorts.  I cut some branches from an azalea bush, stripped the leaves off, and then plunked them in a vase with some walnuts that I already had on hand.  Voila!



One more word, don’t be intimidated if you’re behind or if you haven’t started yet.  It’s easy to do numerous ones a day (ahem, we may have played catch up this week by doing 3 on Monday and 2 on Tuesday) and it would also be easy to scan for just a handful of verses and crafts that you wanted to highlight instead of doing one each day.


Either way, it’s definitely not too late.  Go grab your copy today ya’ll.  :)






  1. Love this!! We, too, are modifying the crafts a lot. Like day 7, we made a paper music note and “wrote” a “song” of praise. :) thanks for linking up to Manger Mondays!!
    Jennifer recently posted..Manger Mondays: Advent Link-Up Week 1My Profile

  2. We’ve had company this week from @YLoillady and her 2 awesome kiddos- such a wonderful time with homeschool friends – but I’m afraid we got a little/lot behind! I have three wild boys to play catch up with- piece of cake – right? :) I love your Mary! she looks good girl- hopefully I / I mean my boys – can do so well!
    kelli-AdventurezInChildRearing recently posted..Gifts From Above!My Profile

  3. Thanks for sharing these! We are much the same on our modifications :D Some of our craft supplies wouldn’t cooperate, and working with 3 kids 6 – 4- 2, yeah, we needed some improv. I’m finding, for the older two also, that things are sticking and they’re getting it! Hurrah!
    Lauren recently posted..Kids in the Word & Truth In the Tinsel 1st WeekMy Profile

  4. It looks like you’re having as much fun as we are. I love that the crafts are simple and easy to modify as needed. Oh, and your pictures are amazing. Beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Kids in the Word!
    Amanda @ ThePelsers recently posted..Eyelashes, Math, and EgyptiansMy Profile

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