If You Only Have One Night In Savannah

Recently Jeremy and I jaunted off to Savannah for a night away from the kiddos. I have only recently discovered the amazing, historic downtown Savannah and I am absolutely in love. I can’t believe grew up 2 hours from this treasure trove and never explored it.


My only complaint is that there are too many things to do in Savannah!


If you only have one night in Savannah, do this.


If you only have one night in Savannah:



I was so excited about this trip. I planned my little heart out for our two days and one nights worth of Savannah. Planning for trips is one of my love languages. I love to get organized and do the research. What you see below you is a nerdy work of art. After tons of research I found and printed a map of Savannah’s historic district. I then labeled the map with all of the most important places I wanted to visit, complete with a key at the bottom of the nap. Go ahead, be jealous.


how to plan for a trip

Tip: I found a hotel in Savannah’s historic district on Groupon. I also snagged 42% off trolley tours in Savannah on Groupon.


There were a ton of choices but we went with the most affordable hotel that would keep us in the historic district. I wanted to check in and then be able to stay on foot for the rest of the trip.


Historic trolley rides! I cannot get enough of historic trolley rides. I’m not usually much of a history buff but if I’m going to wander around an old city I want the deets!


If you are going to a historic city, take the trolley ride!


Tip: Not only will you fall in love with Savannah more by learning about it’s history, you’ll find restaurants and businesses along the ride to make note of and seek out later.


During our trolley ride I spied a tiny adorable yarn shop called The Frayed Knot that I made my way back to. It was darling and filled with fancy yarns that this beginner crocheter has no business picking up. But I did find something my speed on a 50% off table.



We also learned about the Owens-Thomas house during our trolley tour and decided to explore it further. It’s an incredibly interesting house built in 1819.


Owens Thomas House Savannah

Bonus: when we asked about their military discount we learned that (for now in 2015) it’s completely free to active duty or veterans and their families. The same deal is true for the Telfair Acadamy and the Jepson Center which are both art museums. During my pre-planning phase of the trip I had wanted to check out the Telfair Acadamy so it was a nice surprise to get free admission.


The only pictures we took on the whole trip were at the Telfair Acadamy so that we could show our fourteen year old (the artist) some of the exhibits.


Telfair Academy

Anyway, we had a great time. Sometimes you just need a night away, amirite? And even better if it’s in an amazing city like Savannah. We would have to stay at least solid week to explore all of the old mansions, churches, and cemeteries. Not to mention the shops and restaurants. Sigh. I can’t wait to go back.


Have you ever been to Savannah?




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  1. I’m with you on the occasional night away (for now, they’re pretty occasional but you never know) – and a lovely introduction to Savannah, I didn’t know much about this or the history but it looks a gorgeous spot for a break. Thanks for linking up to #citytripping

  2. Sounds like the planning really paid off! Savannah has recently been brought to my attention for my post on spring destinations from a fellow blogger so it’s in my radar now. Thanks for linking to #citytripping


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