The Dangers Of Putting God In A Box.

A Bohemian Husband Post.

I get real leery of people who don’t ask questions.  Mostly because there’s only about 2 kinds of people who don’t:



  • People who will believe just about anything under the right circumstances.  Usually if you just say it enough, they’ll start to believe it.  Or if anyone they admire did it that way, you can bet on it.  They have no critical thinking skills usually.  They are the reason doors say “push” on them.



  • People who don’t ask questions because they’re too busy giving out answers.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned in seminary, it’s that I’m scared of any man who writes his own Bible commentary.  One step above them are the people who wrote out a “systematic theology”.  By the way, “know-it-all’s” are usually just followers with better memories.  They’re like the bigger, smarter parrots.  The African Gray ones.
The apostle Paul saw God in a blinding glory.  He had a vision of heaven once, too–whatever that means.  He studied God for half his life, found out he was totally wrong, met God in person, and then spent the rest of his life calling our salvation a “mystery”.


And yet, I meet people who think they have all the answers.  And, somehow, I’ve been accused of having a small view of God before by a know-it-all.


Beware of the people who think they have all the answers.  They think they have God in the box.




  1. There is a wide spectrum of people here. On on side are those who think they know everything. On the other side, you have those who say that God is a complete mystery and will never be fully known and they don’t really bother knowing Him.

    While I don’t think we will every fully know all there is to know about God this side of heaven, we can KNOW Him. He provides wisdom. He gives answers to those who seek them. He makes Himself known.

    I too am extremely frustrated by those who don’t ask questions or don’t want to BE questioned. When they give answers such as “You just gotta have faith”, that’s not an answer. That’s just pure laziness. Faith is something to be wrestled with, not blindly accepted.

    • Absolutely. If someone had handed me anything written in the arena of apologetics when I became a Christian, it would have greatly helped me out. Because there are answers, and there are a lot of daunting attacks made with “urban legend”-level proof from people outside the faith. But if you don’t get briefed on all this junk, you’re basically stepping into a fight unarmed. Because there is a fight going on, whether people like it or not. And answers like, “you’ll just know in your heart what’s true” are idiotic and worthless.