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Do you guys know about the M.O.B. Society?  (Aka – Mother of Boys Society)



Well, they’re pretty great and they recently asked me to be a regular contributor but I feel bad because I NEVER promote them.  Not on purpose.  But every time they do a link up or whatevs I’ve already got something scheduled for this here space.


So I’m going to get all repentified and rectified and linkified today to make up for it.


Because guess what?  They are hosting the first ever Boy Mom BlogHop (BMBH, for short.  Don’t you like how that rolls off the tongue?  Say it with me, “BmmmmBhhhhhhh”)


Annnd as usual I’m a day late and a dollar short because they started this YESTERDAY, which is also the holy day of plank pullin around here.  So, naturally I couldn’t just drop my planks and go hopping willy nilly.  But now, I am totally prepared to be participatory and hoppy and linky and all those other things.  So, without further ado:


Hi, my name is Jessica.  I am the mother of 3, count’em THREE boys.  So I’m basically the winner. They are all nearly exactly 2 years apart.  Which is more fun on even years from some reason.  2, 4, and 6 just sounds better than 3, 5, and 7 (which they currently are).


I don’t write specifically about my boys too often, though I do  talk about parenting in general around here sometimes.  And, without fail, my boys are always the motivation behind that.  (I have a daughter too, but she’s more docile, and rarely to never inspires parenting posts)


In fact, these boys have challenged me so much that they led me to write a parenting eBook called Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus.  You want to go to there. (Apologies to my regular readers, I know you’re sick and tired of hearing about that dang  eBook, but I swear that was for the benefit of the hoppers.  Really.)


And that’s it!  A little about me, a little about my Wild boys, bada bing, bada boom.


Let the hopping begin.





  1. Girl, you are cracking me up! I’m hopping over…now I need to go check out that book! : )
    Heathahlee recently posted..M.O.B. Society Blog Hop!My Profile

  2. Nice to “meet” you, fellow Mom of Boys! I agree about the even ages – I like those better than the odds, too!
    Erin @ A Full Heart recently posted..Moms of Boys Blog Hop!My Profile

  3. You wrote an ebook? I had no idea. Hee hee. And sounds like fun; I wanna hop too! I’ve don’t believe I’ve ever blog hopped before.
    Jen ~ The Path Less Taken recently posted..Parenting Wild Things: Surviving the RumpusMy Profile

  4. You are so funny! I will have to check your book out. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!
    Erica S. recently posted..I am a boy mom!My Profile

  5. 3 boys! I feel like we are going in that direction and also in even numbers! I’m stopping by from the blog hop!
    Barbara recently posted..I’m a boy momMy Profile

  6. Parenting boys is always an adventure :-)

  7. I am doing the hop. I am excited about your book because I have 4 boys! :)

  8. I like the even ages too…easier to say. My first 3 are 2 yrs apart (within 5 days) so when my 4th was born he threw the whole thing off…now it’s 4,5,7,9. But come August we’ll be back with 4,6,8,10 :)
    Sarah recently posted..Roasted Tomato SauceMy Profile

  9. I’m a new reader visiting from the MOB blog hop, and I will most definitely be a regular. Loving the tone of your blog :)
    ThisMamaThing recently posted..Sweet Friday: No-Bake CookiesMy Profile

  10. Great site! And man, do I need to read about the rumpus. :) Joining in through the Bloghop…taking me a while to hop. Takes me a while to do anything these days. Thanks for visiting my site.
    Carrie recently posted..Welcome to the MOB!My Profile

  11. The books sounds wonderful. I love the title. My son lives with movement and mess all around him.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..The Story of My BlogMy Profile

  12. I am visiting from the MOB bloghop. I love your writing and your blog (I’m following you now). I am so amazed at how faithful you have been with God leading your family to new adventures. We are waiting at the moment to find out if our family business will keep its main customer and that will mean big changes for us either way. Waiting on the Lord is hard. We are also unschooling (although my boys are rather young at the moment). Hope you’ll stop by and visit.
    Meaghan recently posted..You’ve got mailMy Profile

    • Don’t be too impressed, we’ve been well taken care of. ;)

      And yay for unschoolers. Our community just keeps on growing.

  13. alright, alright! i will get the ebook already!!
    no, seriously, i keep hearing about it, although this is the first time i have been to your blog. (thank you MOB for the hop, as i keep finding great blogs and wonderful, real moms!!)
    cannot wait to read your book. looking forward to laughing :)
    ginny recently posted..birthday bouquet…My Profile

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