The Best Advice For Following God’s Calling.

Following God's calling.


There are three things in the last year that people have said to me that have given me priceless courage and clarity as we pursue this calling that God has laid on our hearts.


1 “Just because one organization says no, doesn’t mean God is saying no.”


The lesson:

If you’re called, you’re called.



2)”Have you looked at other pipes?”

(Upon telling a missionary that we were “stuck in the pipe”, our progressing having been stalled in the application process with his organization)


The lesson:

God has lots of pipes.


3)”God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self-discipline.”


The lesson:

Don’t fear.  Just don’t.


Thankful for these people who have spoken truth into my life.

What advice have you cherished lately?


  1. The best advice I've been given is to land the damn plane. I've been flying in circles for so long that I'm running out of gas.
    My recent post Lord- am I dying

  2. Lol. And what steps are you taking to land the damn plane? :)

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