Wild Adventures and Free Rollercoasters


Have you ever heard of Wild Adventures Theme Park? Unless you live in south Georgia, probably not. It’s a bit of an anomaly. A huge amusement park right in the middle of the nothingness of cow fields and country churches. Seriously. And it’s half zoo. With like, lions and tigers and stuff.

Seriously, check it out on google maps earth view and zoom out a bit. Middle. Of. Nowhere.


And it’s a mere hour and a half from where we live. Which is about as good as it gets. You have to drive at LEAST an hour, usually more, to find something interesting in our neck of the woods. But the closest amusement park (Six Flags, Disney, etc) is hours and hours away.


Anyway. Some friends of ours have season passes and needed to use their “bring a friend” tickets before 2014 bit the dust. Enter Bowmans.


And if you’re keeping count, yes, this is the second time we’ve been gifted free theme park tickets recently. #birdsoftheair literally. Because rollercoasters.


Now here’s the part where I make you look at crappy quality photos. You’re welcome.


The Boomerang is probably my favorite coaster at Wild Adventures. Not too long, not too scary, and doesn’t leave me with bruises. Ten Year Old thinks it’s alright.


Wild Adventures


Here’s a video of it in action. Yep, I’m on there somewhere. We’re actually going backwards because it was the last half of the ride.



There may also have been some petting zoo action.

Wild Adventures petting zoo.

Wild Adventures petting zoo.

The only bad part of the day was that Six Year Old ended up being sick. He very obviously didn’t feel good but everytime we asked him how he felt he said “fine”. Kids. The next day he really was fine.

And by the end of the day I was feeling a little anti-coaster myself.

Wild Adventures

And to top it all off, it was a perfect, sunny, 78 degree day in December. Thanks, Georgia. I complained about the cold weather around Christmas but accepted it’s gift of warmth for Wild Adventures day.