An Agoda Review – A Booking Debacle Redeemed

An Agoda review – My experience booking with Agoda for the first time.


Agoda is a hotel booking website that you may not have heard of. It is a part of the Priceline Group that includes other reputable sites like and


I wasn’t sure what to expect when using Agoda for the first time. I had a lot of questions. Is Agoda safe? Is it legit? After doing some research I found it recommended as the best place to book Asian destinations. So for our trip to Sri Lanka I gave it a try.


Why you should book your Asian stay with Agoda.



I booked two locations in Sri Lanka. We were flying into Colombo airport late so for our first night in country I booked a stay in Colombo.


There are many kinds of accommodations available.


Hotels, guest houses, and everything in between. We stayed in a lovely apartment for our first night. It was in a secure apartment complex and was really outstanding. Three bedrooms and fully furnished, we wanted to move in and stay!


Booking with Agoda

Our very large apartment in Colombo.


Honestly, I was so relieved. It’s so hard to book online for a location you’re not familiar with. Am I booking in a good neighborhood? Will this place actually be big enough? Clean enough? Etc.


So the next day, satisfied and well-rested, we headed off to our final destination.


Then The Unthinkable Happened


How Agoda handled out booking debacle and why I'd use them again.


We’re sitting in a taxi after a scenic two hour trip further south into the country. We pull over to the side of the road and call the place where we’re booked to stay for the next three nights, hoping they can give our driver more detailed directions.


And to our shock, we’re told that the lovely little villa we booked and paid for two months in advance is closed for renovations.


To say we were stunned is an understatement. I spent about 30 minutes with my heart in my stomach. Thankfully our taxi driver came to our rescue. He took us to his friend’s brand new guesthouse on the beach where we ended up staying for a surprisingly reasonable cost.


TIP: Always call to confirm reservations!


Now, I don’t blame Agoda for this at all. If anything, I blame myself. I did not call and confirm our reservations closer to our arrival time. I’ve definitely learned my lesson!


Agoda’s Customer Service


Here’s where Agoda jumped in and really impressed me. I contacted them as soon as we were settled and explained what had happened. They responded very quickly and were extremely apologetic.


Within a few days we had received a reimbursement for the original three night stay we had booked PLUS an extra night’s stay just for our trouble.


I was so pleased by how fast and attentive they were with addressing the whole debacle.


Would I book with Agoda again? Absolutely. Despite what could have been a disastrous situation, they made me feel respected and taken care of. I’ll definitely be using them again in the future.



Have you ever booked a stay with Agoda?


Have you ever had your travel plans turned upside down?


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