7 Snippets of Unschooling – Star Wars, Howrse, and Civil Rights.

My friend Carma from Winging-It has started a new weekly link up and I thought I’d try it out.  At the beginning of our Unschooling journey I blogged about it quite a bit, chronicling our experience helped me to see the proof in the pudding, if you will.  Once in awhile I stumble onto one of those old posts and they give me warm fuzzy feelings.  My memory is terrible, so if I don’t record these things somewhere I’ll just forget them.  Hence my trying out this linky.



Four Year Old has really been focusing on reading a lot.  He taught himself to write his own name.  He draws letters everywhere, on paper, on a doodle pad, in the dirt.  He’s read several things this week that surprised me. On this day a few weeks ago he copied the words off of his Hardees wrapper.

"Clint hardees biscuit is got from hardees."

He made his own sentence, asking his dad how to spell the next word he wanted and asking for help if he wasn’t sure about how to write a letter.  What amazes me most about his reading and writing is A) He started doing this as a 3 year old and B) We didn’t teach him any of it.


Eleven Year Old started her second website this week. It’s a tutorial site for howrse.com, a game she spends a lot of time on, so she’s kind of an expert. Her site (which she came up with the name for) is called howrsingaround.wordpress.com.  I help her design her sites, but all the content is hers.

Her brainstorming tablet.

She also wrote a “paper” this week about all of the math that is involved with howrse.  Here’s a snippet:

“There’s more [to your horse] than just feeding it though!  You have to board it in Equestrian Centers (ECs for short.)  The person who owns the EC you want to board in will name a price, and if you want to board your horse in their center you’ll have to pay it.  But if you want to have a lot of money left in your reserve.  (The money is called equus just so you know.)  Then like I like to say—the more for your money!  Because let’s face it…most of the people who run these ECs don’t understand that, if you make your price really high like 75 equus.  Nobody really wants to board there!  But if you grow some crops for the horses that stay there, hire some workers, buy more boxes and meadows, plus remember to always buy fresh bedding for the boxes—and make your price really low like 10, 15 or 20.  Horses will board until you don’t have any empty boxes!”

She not only virtually learns how to care for a horse on this site (and endlessly memorizes facts about different breeds) she’s learning a lot about practical economics, etc.


Star Wars sparked a lot of play this week with May the 4th being Star Wars Day.  We had a movie marathon and watched all the movies in machete order.  The Wild Boys “played” Star Wars Monopoly by making up games with the action figures and also “racing” their guys around the board by rolling the dice and moving the guys to see who could get around the fastest.

They also watched this a cappella star wars song endlessly and the oldest two memorized it in it’s entirety. Four Year Old memorized … part of it. :)



The Husband pulled down his old foot locker from the attic this week and shared all of his treasures.

Five Year Old was particularly interested in Husband’s old military patches, and where each one came from – Arizona, Iraq, Israel, etc …

We looked through an autobiography that Husband wrote as an assignment as a 12 year old, that was pretty funny.  And looked through his old ribbons and metals and learned what each one was for.


We also spent plenty of time playing.  We went to the lake for one last hurrah before the move.  I’m going to miss having the lake all to ourselves during the school year.

The Wild Boys found a stick bug, we looked at lily pads and their flowers, we watched birds, and we spent a good amount of time talking about alligator behavior because some big ones have been spotted on these fair shores recently.  We were the appropriate amount of paranoid.


We stopped by and saw The Wild Things Papa one day while he worked and explored an elaborate playhouse that he’s building for a client. It’s complete with a balcony inside, and will eventually have electricity, air-conditioning, carpeting, and the whole shebang.



We borrowed and watched a couple of new movies this week.  We honestly don’t watch tv or movies a whole lot so it was kind of a fun movie week for us.  Aside from our Star Wars Marathon we also watched Soul Surfer and Eleven Year Old and her partly African-American friend watched The Help. That started a host of conversations about segregation, the civil rights movement, etc.


Whew!  I’m so used to this lifestyle that living and learning blends together for me now so even I’m impressed at all the learning that takes place in a week when I have to sit down and think/write about it.  And there was a lot more than this, of course.  This is just some of the stuff that I had pictures to go with. :)


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