Want to Grow Your Spiritual Muscles?



One of the major complaints I hear from believers is, “We need meat!”  It’s unfortunate, because, in a way–they’re right!

One problem is, if you’re going where the one doing the feeding doesn’t eat meat or exercise, you’re probably going to be fed a salad…or baby food.  Because that’s all he’s got.

During the times of my life where I’m OUT working, connecting with people who don’t already know God, or just helping people meet their physical needs and never really saying much at all–during those times, my spiritual muscles grow!  I grow closer to God.  It seems like a contradiction, but when I sacrifice some of my time, then my other quieter times become more productive.

But…during the times when all I do is show up over and over again to be fed…well…that’s what they do to cows before they kill them, and that’s how people become obese.

I don’t think you can ever find your meat without exercise.  I think you have to work for God to hand you a helping of spiritual meat.  And stop thinking all the work is in the room with the buffet.  Get out, stretch your legs a bit and see what God has to offer you.




  1. YES.

  2. I like this post for a number of reasons! You drew some really good parallels here!

    I have also been thinking a lot about literal, physical obesity in the church and a couple of things you’ve said relate to that topic at hand as well.

    Thanks for sharing, Jeremy!

    • Ha! I also think a lot about the literal obesity part, but given the ridiculously high numbers of that in America, I generally leave off before I step on too many toes. I do think it’s a shame that my southern culture almost expects a fat pastor and fried chicken dinners, while the Bible says self-control is a fruit of the Spirit.

  3. Love.