Sometimes it’s okay to text flirt.


Y’all, I’ve been married for nearly a dozen years.  Remember when having been married for 5 years seemed like a really long time?  Well, try doubling that. And adding two.


(Everyone who’s been married much longer, take a moment right here to tell me what a baby I am.)


My point is, even though we’ve had broken seasons, like everyone else, and there have been times when we weren’t sure if we were going to make it, like everyone else – I’m still doggone infatuated with that man.  And darn it if he doesn’t make me laugh.


And even though we’re old people now ( …… ), we still flirt.  On a regular basis.  And that includes text flirting.  Flirxting?  It’s not quite as intense as what those teenagers do, but it gets the job done.  After all, tickling the funny bone is a major step in foreplay, right?


I said.



He said.


And, yes, my husband really is listed as “True Love” in my phone.  Because our relationship has taught me that true love is hard work, grace, perseverance.  And flirxting.


What funny thing has your significantly funny other texted you lately?





  1. My husband sent me a text last week that said something to the effect of looking into my eyes was like looking into the deepest, bluest ocean. I didn’t know how to respond. “Thanks?” “I know…”

    I finally settled for, “I feel like I’m living in a Jane Austen novel right now.”

    He wrote back – “Who?”

    That’s how we roll. :)

  2. You’re a baby. :-p lol

    Um, I will not tell you what I text, but one time he responded “who is this?”. He thought he was being funny. Lol.

    Just always make sure that you don’t hastily send it to the wrong person. Your best friend or cousin aren’t bad wrongful recipients, but my mom? Yikes!

    • I did that once with an email, early on in our marriage. Sent it to my m-i-l by accident. Yeah. Embarrassing. Lol.

      • Actually I can’t even say you’re a baby, we have been married 14 years.

        Chad tries to make me believe he never got a message from me. He likes to see me squirm.

  3. We do this too. :) I often text him photos especially if he is on a long road trip or if I am out clothing shopping
    (like at a lingerie shop :D) …which I fervently remind him to delete ASAP, just in case… it is creative foreplay for us married people, technology is not so bad! My husband has been “Lover” in my phone since we were first married.

    • You’re braver than me, I’m too worried it will accidentally go viral some day like a celebrity scandal. :)

  4. When my man and I are “flirxting”, I have to make sure that the kids don’t have access to my phone. They’d die of TMI and mental images!! Ha!
    We’ve been married for almost 18 yrs. and it is so much fun to think of new ways to spice it up. Hmmmm…lets see what we can get into next…

    • Oh yes, parent flirxting is not for the eyes of the children. Lord knows I want to be protected from seeing my parents flirxt. : )

  5. Dozen being married a dozen years mean you CAN put all your eggs in one basket? ;0)

    When hubby is deployed or at training (between the two its like pretty much always) we chat on gmail. And most of our flirt chatting goes something like this:

    Hubby: (typing about event of the day, makes a spelling mistake- meaning of statement changed to something hilarious)
    Me: That’s what she said
    Hubby: ha

    And that is how we know we are deeply, madly in love with each other.

  6. muah ha ha. Im pretty sure you’ve accidentally received some of my flirxting to the chad.

    he likes to text me song lyrics. (well, when we used 2 phones. lol) and of course the “adult” stuff. I always make sure i keep my inbox clear when that kind of flirxting starts because you arent the only one who’s received the accidental text. And thats initially embarrasing but I always cant help but laugh stupid hard when it happens. i mean, whatcha gonna do once you hit send? all you can do is laugh. with a red face. :)

    • Do you remember the email that I accidently sent to my mother in law instead of you (that I mentioned in the comments above somewhere) like 11 years ago? Lol.

  7. Double your years and add THREE to reach my 27 … and I am totally LOL at “this is me saying the right thing.” Love it!