Social Media Burn Out is Okay.

Social Media Burn out.  Facebook.  Twitter.  Blogging.  Google +.  Pinterest.  Whateverthecrapelse.


Sometimes it’s just too much.  Sometimes we just need to find the internet escape button for all forms of connecting.  Sometimes we’re too connected.


It happens to everybody, but we bloggers are particularly prone to it.  It’s super common to hear of people giving up Facebook for lent, or of bloggers taking a one month sabbatical towards the end of summer, or for people putting time limits on their internet use, complete with countdown buzzer.


Do what you gotta do.  There comes a time for everyone when they have take a step back from engaging in social media.  It’s a double edged sword, this social media thing.  There are seasons when it’s downright rejuvenating and exciting and there are seasons when the last thing you want to do is read. another. blog.


Follow those instincts.  I got fairly burnt out from blogging the past quarter or so.  For the first time, I stopped posting every day, just because I simply didn’t have words to write.  I stopped my weekly Plank Pullin series.  I also didn’t read anyone else’s posts.  I couldn’t bring myself to engage in twitter at all.  And I couldn’t even begin to figure out the Google + or Pinterest thing.  I still used the internet, I just didn’t engage much. Instead I focused more on my real life relationships and house church community.


And that was okay.


Now that season is passing and I’m feeling inspired again.  Suddenly, words are finding their way out of my fingers almost faster than I can type them.  I’m investing myself in new projects.  I even volunteered to edit and administrate a soon-to-relaunch- website which, in addition to the editing responsibilites, has me now moderating an extra twitter account and facebook fanpage.  And I’m loving every minute of it.


Life, inspiration, and rest comes in seasons.  Go with it.


Don’t feel bad if you have to disengage for awhile.  And also don’t feel bad when your muse returns to you and you engage a lot.  It all balances out somewhere.


Are you in a phase of social media engagement or disengagement?





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  1. Disengagement, definitely. But I also felt God taking me on an adventure that was to remain mostly private. And it has. Most people don’t know what we have been going through. It’s exciting and scary. I miss blogging, but I also think I will be back. I hope.

    I noticed when you stopped visiting my blog, but I’m lad I can still stop by. :-)

    I can’t do Twitter or Pinterest either. I’m in that season where I have to DO stuff, not sit in a computer chir!
    Amy recently posted..And then…My Profile

    • Even now, I rarely visit blogs unless the content is theology or church related and catches my eye from facebook. Lol. I’m trying to get better about this though.

  2. I sit and read sometimes how bloggers take sabbaticals from everything. I step away from time to time myself. I like how you give your readers “permission” to re-engage.

    Even though my posting on my blog has been very sporadic for a couple years now, I’m okay with that. I think that when I do post, its more inspired and worth reading.
    About a year and a half ago I had to stop reading all marriage posts from other bloggers(that was what I mostly wrote about). Even though my marriage was great, reading the issues and difficulties of others had me starting to “find faults” in my marriage that weren’t even there!

    I don’t even visit my Google Reader anymore. There are only a handful of blogs that I subscribe to that comes to my email.
    Kela recently posted..More Than Just Changing SheetsMy Profile

    • I totally understand. I rarely go to my “reader” either.

      And yeah, I think that engaging gets demonized unfairly sometimes and we need to be careful of that. : )

  3. Amen, sister. :) You know how I feel about social media anyway. And even though Im not apart of facebook or twitter or any of that jazz (Candi keeps trying to get me to join pinterest, but I refuse! Just looking at that site causes me anxiety), it exhausts me every time you look at anything on the internet and ALL of it now has a “follow me on (insert media here)” Seriously? Why do I need to follow Scott toilet paper on twitter? Even with the little connectivity I have, I still sometimes get overwhelmed and just have to turn the computer off and walk away. Maybe that comes from being disconnected for so long? I dont know. I dont know how you keep up with it all, but I give you mad props for doing what you do :)
    Neffer recently posted..Alligator Lake againMy Profile

  4. Burnt out, you bet I am! Very encouraging, thanks…

  5. I haven’t been onto Facebook since before Lent started. It’s nice to not be glued to something so time consuming but, I am also finding it hard to function in this Post Facebook world we live in. Even churches use it to keep people updated on happenings!

    I needed to get into contact with someone for directions or something (can’t remember) and it was a time sensitive situation. But, I had made the commitment to give it up for 40 days so I stuck to my guns. No one emails anymore. I got rid of my cell phone so I don’t have any phone numbers handy. It’s bizarre how much we rely on that one website.

    • Jessica says:

      So true. Even writers for contributor websites use fb groups as their main way to communicate schedules and important notices and stuff.

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