Saying Yes – The Trampoline

don't say no to your kids

It’s that time of week again when we focus on saying yes to our children and quit being such a no-sayer.


Okay, so my yes this week might surprise you.  And it might seem insanely silly. But here it is: This week I said yes to . . . playing on the trampoline with The Wild Things.


parents should play with their children


You might find this hard to believe ( or not ) but I don’t play with my children enough.


There, I said it.


You see, it’s just that … well … they have each other.  I bore half a baseball team for crying out loud.  So, in a sense, they don’t need me to play with them.  But in a more real sense, they and I both need me to play with them.  Because I get bogged down in the maintenance of motherhood. I wash dishes and cook food and fold laundry.


The danger is that being a mother becomes a job.  With most of the fun bits cut out. The Wild Things become obstacles to my mission – making more messes, disturbing my environment.  It’s easy to enter into a cycle of frustration.


But when I drop the mommy job and just … play?  Well, then my children become less my charges, and more my friends.  We laugh – hard.  We joke.  We talk.  And I am reminded, briefly, that my children being a joy instead of a job is actually possible.


So I’ve been saying yes to the trampoline every afternoon.


Now grab the button to put on your post, and then come back and share what you’ve said yes to this week.


being friend with your kids




  1. Sara Sythoff says:

    When I decided to start practicing this crazy new “Saying Yes” habit, I realized I would also need more “yes” from my kids, especially the 6 year-old. The disrespect was flying all over the room (admittedly, on both ends). Now we “Say Yes” to each other all day (within reasonable limits of safety and nutrition). And it has brought about more gentle words, patience, and respectful actions (again, on both ends). Such an eye-opener!

    • Jessica says:

      Here, too. We’re much more respectful to each other when I make an effort to say yes. And they’re more likely to “say yes” to my requests when I’ve been saying yes to them.

  2. Well, I didn’t have any kids to say yes to this week, but I’ve been letting the dogs run rampant. Lol. Normally I’m constantly trying to keep them off the couch (Cookie can now jump up on our couch…how crazy is that? Shes a big girl now). But with all the packing, I haven’t cared.

    And I would so totally be on that trampoline ALL the time. :)