Saying Yes – Counter Sitting


You guys, this week almost did me in.  I’m not kidding. The Wild Boys have been fighting and crying, the Husband has been overloaded with homework, the grown ups have been stressed about money . . . it’s just a recipe for anxiety.


No, seriously.  I, who have always considered myself a person who doesn’t stress much, have been having anxiety.  Like, heart-racing, rapid-breath sort of anxiety.


Needless to say, I was not very patient with the Wild Boys this week. I feel like I was hobbling about in “survivor” mode a lot of the time.  So I had a very hard time saying yes to most of their requests. Especially in the kitchen.


You see, the kitchen is my safe zone. I want it to belong to me and me alone.  It’s MINE, I tell you – MINE. I’ve fought this mentality for awhile now because I do in fact believe it’s important to let your children in the kitchen.  But it’s particularly hard in our teeny tiny apartment kitchen because there’s, literally, only room for one person.  And yet all the Wild Boys want to watch me cook. And touch as many things as possible while watching. So, while I admit I did say no to boys in the kitchen while I was cooking several times this week, I also made an effort to say yes.


Four Year Old sat beside me on this day while I cooked tortillas and we found the 10 differences on like a billion pages. And he didn’t go for the knives or anything.  Thank God.


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  1. Sunday, apparently, was my day for Yes.
    First, I said it was okay for Hubs to take Boy fishing Sunday morning. Even though that was his only day off this past week, and we’ve had the kids so we haven’t had hardly any us time. And I’m a Hubby hog. Lol. But I said yes, go fishing all day, I smiled, repeatedly told him I was okay with it. And they went. And were only gone a couple of hours, not all day like I was dreading.

    And you know I’ve been struggling with the whole Kids in the bedroom all day thing. Because, damnit, its MINE. But Sunday after they got home, I said Yes, please go spend all day on our bed, in our room. And the world didn’t implode. Hubs and I got a nice couch nap time in, and they got a nice bed nap in. All went well. We all even hung out in there together for a while, with the dogs, and it wasn’t so bad.

    Then Sunday night, I said yes to midnight cupcake making and eating. I made a batch of delicious chocolate chip cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting (probably the best cupcakes I’ve ever made), and I let them eat every one of them in one sitting. (Of course, there were only 12, and I think Hubs got half of them).

    So I’m trying to stretch outside of my comfort zone. I’m trying to learn to appreciate Kidlets and take them in stride and not let every. single. issue irritate me. Saying yes was the easy part. Its the actually being okay with saying yes that’s a struggle sometimes.

  2. I don’t have a post up about it, but I did want to share my “yes.” We leave today – like in an hour or so – for a four-day vacation, and I argued ZERO about what clothes Sarah, who is 12, wanted to pack. I said yes to whatever unusual combo of polo shirts and basketball shorts and socks she feels drawn to, and I’ve vowed not to say ANYTHING when she actually puts ON the outfits, either, unless it’s, “Wow, that is a fun outfit! I love the colors!” or something like that! :)

    • Jessica says:

      For some reason that one gets harder for most of us the older they get. My 11 year old comes up with some interesting outfits sometimes. Lol.

  3. I did it, finally and it feels so awesome to say that I have started to say Yes more! I said yes to my husband to go to a Braves game with our nephew and so that he can spend time with his bosses from work. I have said yes that one of the twin boys could help me with dishes, or yes with gum and other things that I would put off so that he could wait just a little longer and then get it. It has showed in his behavior somewhat. The other twin is so different from his counter part so I do not get a chance to say yes to him much but while in Wal-Mart I decided to let them have fun in the buggy with the big blue cart on the front and when asked if they could have chicken bites I said yes. I did not make them buckle into the cart which later resulted in a fall from shy twin because crazy twin was standing and accidently pushed him which resulted in a fall. After, I buckled them up with out the shoulder restraints because they are too big. I just cannot believe that I said yes to so many requests from all of the wild guys in my family. I happen to be the only Women surrounded by a husband, two nephews and 5 yr twin boys. I almost feel like I really am becoming a better mom. I must admit that I need to pray for more patients but give myself a break every once in a while and give them one as well.

    • Jessica says:

      I started saying yes to more grocery cart shenanigans the last couple of years. I now say yes to them riding on the rack beneath the cart. Lol. Whatever keeps us all happy.

      Laughing at shy twin and crazy twin, btw.


    My oldest son came downstairs with drawings all over his legs and, rather than freak out that he had a ballpoint pen in his bed, I turned on the “TATTOOS” episode of “How It’s Made”. Nothing besides his legs got ink on it. No harm, no foul.



  5. I said yes to bare feet in a place where it wasn’t exactly safe, with only one reminder: “Watch your feet!” So glad I did. :)

  6. Don’t tell my now grown up kids, but I never enjoyed them helping me in the kitchen. I let them help, but I had to pretend I was enjoying it when I was really just counting the minutes until it was over with!!

  7. My problem is I say yes to everything. Ha ha ha. My cousin is wishing I said no. 60 degrees out, kds want to o in kiddy pool, I let them. Lol. Hey, they had a blast.