Saying Yes


I strongly believe that saying yes to our children more is important.  I even devoted a whole chapter to saying yes, the myths and misunderstandings of it, in my e-book Parenting Wild Things – Embracing The Rumpus.


Sadly, as often is the case, there is gap between my belief and my practices.  I truly believe in saying yes more, I do – but following through and actually doing it is another thing.  And that’s why I’m finally getting off my “no” saying tail and starting a “Saying Yes” meme.


Each week I will share something that I said yes to.  It could be big or small, serious or silly.  And I’ll give you the opportunity to link up your saying yes stories, as well.  So let’s collectively cure ourselves of the “Not right now”s of mommying and embrace saying yes to giving our littles more time, attention, and yes.



Oh my.  There was a lot of saying yes this week.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of saying no, too. Ugh, why is it that it’s so easy to jump to “no”?  Sometimes it’s a safety issue, but usually it’s just me not wanting to clean up something.  There, I said it.

First, I said yes to camping, which I was sort of nervous about.  Then I said yes to climbing a freaking mountain.  Then I said yes to Wild Boys stripping down to their underoos to play in an ice cold lake.  And, to be clear, I did not want to say yes to any of these things. My inner stick-in-the-mud wants to say noo.  NOO!  Sigh.

 Now it’s your turn.  Write a post about something that you said yes to this week, include a picture if you can.  And then link up below.  If you don’t have a blog, then just leave a comment sharing what you fought the inner fuddy-duddy inside of you to say yes to.




  1. Salena Tucker says:

    Love the lake thing. Brave mama, I dont know about that one LOL. I said yes to my kids having company over. Didnt want to do it. I am so not comfortable keeping company. I did it cause we just moved across the country a few weeks ago, too, and they are just now meeting kids their age to play with, and I as much as I wanted to shut the door and close the curtains……

    • Jessica says:

      Oh, I can relate to that one. So often we mamas want to shut the rest of the neighborhood out and just be alone!

  2. alizabeth says:

    Now, I do understand this and agree completely…My problem is we have 6 children (17, 14, in public school, 11, 4, 2 1/2, and 1 1/2 and pregnant with #7) we also live in a 150 year old home that we have been remodeling for 5 + years…in those 5 years we have started homeschooling, and added 3 children soon to be 4 (word of advice never remodel and LIVE in the house at the same time..ugh!)

    I want to say yes, and I try to…but there are so many things they can’t touch for safety reasons, etc. Our yard is not fenced in…so going outside is difficult. I take them out and all three go in a different direction! ugh! (thinking of using snow would be temporary and I might be able to afford it!)

    Plus with this pregnancy I am more tired than any other…I WANT to say yes more, I just don’t know how to, whenthey do things, get into things, that are a NO…sigh…

    but in theory I do agree and am trying my hardest to do that…instead of NO and when the house is done…feels like it never will be!

    • Jessica says:

      I totally understand. It’s so much harder when you’re greatly out numbered. :) And many of my “no’s” have to do with safety or nutrition, as well.

  3. This weekend we met with friends at the lake. I said yes to swimming in the lake (instead of the pool nearby) even though it’s known for leeches – and leech removal is not high on my want to do list. Thankfully I didnt need to.
    And said yes to minnow catching and holding (and some dissecting of dead minnows) but no to taking them home. They wouldn’t have lived anyway.
    The hardest part for me is saying yes to friends in the house for the kids. So many of their friends seem to have no personal boundaries at all and do/say the weirdest things.

    • Jessica says:

      I know what you mean, it’s really a sacrifice of sorts to open your home. Takes away a lot of your ability to just relax. I struggle with that, too.

  4. crystal says:

    I just let my kids eat Raspberries, whip cream and Jello for dinner… (: I feel good about it too. LOL!

  5. I LOVE this post/series and want one of those bags! :)
    Our middle guy has decided to wear snowboots 24-7, which is why I love the photo on the bag.
    He reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite ever time I look at him in his snowboots and swim trunks :)

    • Jessica says:

      I have the grocery tote version of the bag, it’s pretty sturdy! We used it to hall library books in today. :)

      And I love the thought of your Napoleon Dynamite.

  6. Well, I haven’t said “No” to the over taking of the bedroom I told you about, even though I’ve been grumbling about it in my brain. These kids hardly ever ask for or to do stuff. You know about them. But when they do ask for something like “hey, can we play in the rain?” or “Can we go in the woods behind the apartment?” I immediately say yes. I remember what it was like growing up in an immediate “NO!” household, regardless of the question (unless it was “Do you want me to vacuum this room too?” Then I got a yes every time). So I try hard not to be that way because it was miserable. They have come a long way from the scared, completely dependent children they were when Hubs and I got together. So that’s a good thing.

    And most of my no’s are for food choices, as well. Like refusing to eat what is cooked for dinner, but then asking for chips or something. Then there is a most definite no.

  7. I said yes to packing a bunch of kids in the car to go to the drive-in movie. No pics or blog post yet because it’s tonight!!
    Ever since my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2000, I have been much better at saying yes. Life is too short and I want my family to enjoy life!!

  8. I said “yes” last night to staying up after bedtime, and, to bringing bugs into my house! Granted they were fireflies, so they were pretty benign, but we started with 6 and this morning there were only 2 left in captivity, the crafty little things…


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