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Continuing with our Three R’s today, Ima talk a little bit about Reusing.


Since finding ourselves in a tight spot, financially, we’ve begun to embrace the simple art of reusing a lot more. Again, I feel like this time in our life is in some small way preparing us for missionary life one day.  How? Well, for one I’m officially washing and reusing ziplock bags like my missionary mother-in-law.


I admit, I used to throw away plastic bags. Appalling, yes?  But when you have plenty of money the opportunity cost of washing out the nasty ground beef bag or just buying a new box is a no-brainer. But no more. We also reuse plastic grocery bags as garbage bags so that we never have to buy the latter. (We only have small cans)


But, without a doubt, the biggest thing that we reuse now is . . . leftovers.  That’s right, there’s no such thing as wasted food in our house these days. I don’t care if it’s just a cup of leftover oatmeal, it’s going to get reused in some capacity.


Even a bunch of sunflower seeds that no one wanted to snack on get pureed up and added to waffle batter.


Interestingly, I find healthy meals are easier to make when using leftovers. If I already have a base of rice to work with in the fridge, it’s easy to whip that into soup or taco filling. Because I’m using whole foods, I’m not relying on convenience foods with low nutritional value like frozen pizzas.


So, if you haven’t already, try cutting the convenience foods from your shopping list and getting creative in the kitchen.


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How are you using (or reusing?) this principle to save money?



  1. Now I just feel bad! I made the decision NOT to wash out zip bags when I started my business. I work full time during the day and also run my own business at home in the evenings, so every spare minute not washing something out is time saved. I’ll probably have to conserve elsewhere on this one, I just don’t have the time!

    Speaking of leftovers though! One thing I HAVE done to save time and money with the grocery bill is to STOP making huge meals with leftovers. I would end up putting so much back and then no one wanted to eat it again–of course, we did, and I always reused it in other meals–soup anyone??– but I’ve been practicing just making smaller meals instead, and it’s working so much better for our little family (there’s only 3 of us). I don’t eat processed foods, and I rarely buy them for my hubby & daughter anymore, so I’m going to be cooking either way.

  2. I was ahead of the game yesterday, huh? Lol
    I’ve started wrapping my meat up in meal portions before putting it in the zip lock bags (and just using gallon size ones) because I wanted to start reusing the meat bags. This last meat trip started that (since we got so. much. meat. and I haven’t emptied a gallon bag yet so I haven’t had to wash any. But for the longest time now I’ve been washing the bags I used for bread, granola, cookies, whatever.

    I’ve also been reusing left overs. Well, I’ve been doing that plus some of what BohoBear says up there, and just not making meals with lots of left overs. The other day I had some stir-fried cabbage left from egg roll making (I made regular ones this time with pork and cabbage. YUM.), and it was only about a cup but I hated to throw it away. So its sitting in the fridge. It will probably become a pizza topping. I also freeze everything.

    I also have some left over cole slaw in the fridge, but I don’t have a clue as to what to do with that. Freeze it? Can you freeze cole slaw?


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