Save Money – Recycle.

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There’s a reason that folks in 3rd world countries possess so much ingenuity. They don’t have another option and. . . you gotta do what you gotta do to save money you don’t have.  So today we’re talking about recycling, but not just any ole recycling.  We’re going to get creative.


The above picture is no joke.  When we moved into our lovely fully-furnished home, it had everything we could possibly need – except pillows.  Knowing that we didn’t have a dime to spare on items that weren’t bills or fresh foods, I had to get creative – and before night fall. It just so happened we brought exactly two homemade quilts with us all the way across America.  I second-guessed myself on stuffing them into our over-packed car, but they’ve proved their worth more than once.  And now, yes, they are pillows. It was an adjustment the first night because they’re not as fluffy as your typical pillow. But come on, first world problems, am I right?  We still have a soft spot to lay our head.


A few weeks ago when my very last ponytail holder broke I thought my life was over.  I have had one or more ponytail holders on my left wrist – at all times – since middle school. (Actually, it was probably a scrunchie in middle school)  Girls with long hair need a way to pull it up at a moments notice.  A moments notice, I tell you!  Well, believe it or not, I’ve survived even this.  With the help of some carefully placed forks and the wiles of a removable bra strap.  I’m not making this up, people.


But definitely my most redneck adaptation (yes, even more than the quilt pillows and bra strap ponytail holder) was my milk jug sweet tea. What do you do when you don’t have a pitcher, pot, or funnel?  You get creative. MmmmMmmm, frying pan tea, poured through a Styrofoam plate and served in a plastic jug. Just like mah-maw used to make. Or something.



So often we rush out and buy something to fix even life’s minor problems.  We’re a nation of consumers – it’s our way.  It’s not until we’re backed into a corner of lacking that we really discover how creative we can be and how little we need.  So, take the redneck creative challenge the next time life throws you an inconvenient curve ball.  I dare you.  ;)


ways to save money

Have you come up with a brilliantly creative solution to a household problem lately?  Do tell.





These 5 ways of saving money work for me, y’all.  So in honor of that, let’s have a giveaway, shall way?  Cause nothing says “saving money” like free.


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  1. I am so going to mail you some pony tail holders. Like, fo real. It hurts my heart to know you go without them. I would die, I tell you. Die. I’ve had them break on me before when I’ve been out some where. Its just tragic. I just tie the broken ends together in a knot and use it anyway until I can get to the safety of the bathroom cabinet.

    Although my first thought when I saw your bra strap tail holder was “Hey! I have some of those removable straps in the drawer (for a bra that I’ve worn once. On the wedding day.) I can totally rock the pony tail with them. We will start a revolution!”

    We haven’t had to get too creative with stuff because we pretty much have everything we need right now. I gave away unnecessary things before our move. We use jars for drinking glasses since I’ve accumulated quite a stash (our drinking glasses where one of the things I gave away). Hubs built that bed out of “trash” lumber from the HD so while that isn’t something that was directly reusable of ours, it saved perfectly good wood from being wasted. That totally counts as recycling. And it was free, so totally frugal. And now we have a bed built for a giant, ehhem…I mean, king.

    And we fix something repeatedly until it can’t be fixed any more. Lol. It may be held together by duct tape and gorilla glue, but by god, it’s together.

  2. Well…. When we had to throw our couch out, we used camping chairs as furniture. :-)

  3. I made a hen house large enough for 12 chickens with almost nothing but free pallets and wood found on the side of the road.

  4. Haha, I love you! I was going to say I would mail you some pony tail holders, but someone beat me to it! We have a million because we lose them so easily!

    • Hey, anyone is always welcome to send us anything their little hearts desire. You can find our mailing address with that little “Support us” tab at the top of the page. ;)

  5. It’s not terribly creative, really, but we use our old peanut butter jars for drinking glasses. They hold about 12 oz of liquid and are quite large but even the kids drink out of them, as do all of our friends, who think it’s fun. All of our “real” glasses had gradually broken over the years and we’ve just never spent the money to replace them. The great thing about those peanut butter jars is that they have SO MANY uses besides drinking glasses: sprouting, freezing berries, storing nuts and dried fruits, flower vases [with fabric shapes glued on for decoration], tea-light holders, etc. Oh, yeah, and for tadpoles in the spring. I didn’t reuse that jar afterwards, let me tell you. Quick rinse and straight in the “official” recycling bin!!

  6. I am really enjoying this series. I save all the plastic lids off my mayo and peanut butter jars, etc. Then I use them with canning jars for dry storage, left overs, etc.

  7. I fully expected to see the styrofoam plate duct taped into a truly redneck funnel LOL

    We’ve drank tea out of milk jugs more than once! and though I’ve never tied my hair back with a bra strap, now that is creativity girl! I get it though, we’re all sleeping in one room with 4 fans right now because out AC is broke. At least we have fans.

  8. Bailey Bullock says:

    When people buy sweet tea at the store, Popeyes, or McAlister’s, it comes in a jug like that. So that doesn’t look weird to me.

  9. Wow you are great. I made a house for my dog from the old closet and it really looks great.