New Year’s Very Broad Goal


So, you know I don’t do resolutions. No Ma’am. I do not need any help setting myself up for failure. But this year I’m flirting with it, skirting around it. I prefer to set a super generic, broad goal. Harder to fail, y’all. Harder to fail.

What is my New Year’s Very Broad Goal?



Pretty much this.


No race goals, no time goals, no nothing goals. If I have to sum it up in a sentence it would be: get better at running. Simple as that.


And, blah blah, for all the predictable reasons. Because I’m 30, dangit, and something’s gotta give. And I’ve always secretly wanted to be a runner. Even at my most out of shape, sedentary loserdom. I’ve always suspected there’s a little runner in me somewhere trying to get out.


So for the past month, that husband of mine has been my running buddy. And, yes, I use the word “running” lightly. It really does warrant quotation marks. Obviously we’re starting slow, but I’m getting better. I CAN RUN FOR SECONDS AT A TIME, for crying out loud. I’m practically an Olympian.


It helps that we’re running on dirt roads in the country. Less witnesses, less pressure, more scenery. And now for your viewing pleasure, scenes from my run:


How it all begins – the driveway.


The road.


The friendlies.



The road hogs.


Sunsets and stuff.


Aaaaand, that’s about it. Somedays it’s fun, somedays I think I’m going to die. But overall I’m getting better.


And I know I said I wouldn’t set specific goals. But I’m seriously considering my first race. Because bacon.






  1. Just keep at it. Make yourself run just a little farther each time – I would say to the next light pole, but since you are running in the country on dirt roads, try the next tree : )

    And another thing that helps me….mix it up a little so your mind doesn’t get used to something and get stuck. Currently I have two little hills I find myself always walking. I need to try walking before them or after them instead of always walking them.

    And bacon is always a good motivator!
    Jill Foley recently posted..Dreams…My Profile

  2. Download the Couch to 5k app for your phone or iPod Touch. That’s how I started running. It’s a run training program that starts you out running 30 seconds and walking for a minute and gradually works you up to where you are running a full 30 minutes. You do it 3 times a week for 9 weeks. Except it took me 12 weeks but whatever. :) It works! And you can listen to music through the app (whatever you normally listen to, if you do) and it interrupts and tells you when to walk or run.
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  3. The only advice I have is make sure you have good shoes. Doesn’t matter if they’re expensive, just make sure they fit well and both cushion impact and support you well. Bad shoes cause all kinds of problems you just don’t want to deal with.

    • Yeah, I think my shoes are alright, but my husband was just stressing today that I might need to invest in different ones. HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU? It’s so confusing.

  4. for running advice I would think cking out has a great blog.

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