Road Trip – Georgia to British Columbia

In 2012 we took a giant road trip when relocating from Georgia to British Columbia in Canada. These are a collection of posts that I wrote from the road. They are not a guide so much as a journey.


Our giant family road trip from Georgia to British Columbia, Canada.


Part 1 – From Georgia to Tennessee.


Canada Or Bust


Part 2 – From Tennessee through Kentucky, Illinois, and landing in Missouri.


Canada Or Bust Part 2


Part 3 – From Missouri to Nebraska to Wyoming.


Canada Or Bust Part 3


Part 4 – From Wyoming to Montana.


Canada Or Bust Part 4


Part 5 – From Montana, through Idaho, to Washington.


Canada Or Bust Part 5


Part 6 – From Washington to Canada!


Agghh! We’re here! In Canada!


Whew. Not bad for a week, eh? I learned a lot on this trip. You can read about my top five tips for a road trip with kids here.

Have you ever done a cross-country move or road trip?



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