“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.” – 1 Corinthians 9:24


Some most days I don’t think I’m running the race to win it.


Quite the opposite, I’m walking. And not even speed walking. Just . . . walking. I’m walking and yet the days are speeding by so fast. I wake up and it’s Sunday and by afternoon it’s Friday. Today my daughter is 11 but next month she’ll be 12.


I’m torn. How do I balance taking our days slow and running the race well? Pausing. Savoring.


Sometimes I’m not sure I’m even on the racetrack. But my finish line is always God, even when the path veers, even when there are hurdles, even when I don’t look like the other runners, the ones with their spiritual sweatbands and well-toned theological muscles.


God is still there, at the end, waiting for me. Cheering for me. Even when I slow. When I stop. When I sit down and look at my feet or chase a rabbit trail. It’s not that I don’t want to finish well, really I do. It’s just that sweating, and panting, and discipline, well – they seem hard.


And I have a lazy streak.


But I’ll finish the race. Eventually.  I’ll finish.



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  1. Oh, I know that lazy streak…it makes me sit too long and stare at times…it keeps me from running the race all of the time….and yes, the days go by so.incredibly.fast – but, so blessed to know where the finish line is and who is waiting there!

  2. Hi Jessica,
    You made me smile with your rabbit trail comment…and you are wise to slow and savor…Blessings :)

  3. Such wisdom in not racing through life. Instead, BEing with God in each moment. Therein lies the prize; the infinite prize. The peace prize!!!

  4. Alright Jessica, since we are practically neighbours, I thought I’d better seek you out on this FMF thing! =D LOVE IT.

    Of course, all I could think of is trying to get the kids to stay focused and finish a task – you are thinking of the WHOLE race. The one with that special someone at the finish line.

    The one whose arms we are going to get to fall into after that final sprint – even if (when) we go off track here and there – that patient one, the one worth everything – the one who we are gathering up souls around us to bring with us. So take your time, build relationship, open your arms to the rabbit trails. He is not going anywhere. And you are gathering a crowd with your words. Maybe if we are Olympians we race to win the prize. But some of us have small children to guide, or have busted our pelvis twice in three years, or have had 5 hip replacement surgeries (DH, not me), maybe we get to savour, to cheer on, to enjoy those runners who race with their theological muscles and spiritual sweatbands. I’ll be the tortoise over the hare any day. =D

    • Did you notice that this picture was taken at White Rock? I didn’t event think about it until now. Actually, the photo I used for last week’s fmf was from this day at White Rock, too! Lol.

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

    • I LOVE Jen’s response! “taking” it with me to remember ;)

  5. Ahhh, yes . . . sometimes we run the race too fast – fall, get off track, but He is always running with us! Keep running the race at HIS speed!

  6. Oh, how I identify! I just told someone the other day that I feel like I’m doing life in slow motion. I get frustrated with myself for not being to accomplish things more and fast instead of resting God’s love and grace. I gave up trying to get the spiritual sweatbands and well-toned theological muscles. I gotta stay true in my bummy sweats knowing that’s who I am and that’s who God loves.

    Great meeting you tonight at the FMFParty! Your post is a wonderful reminder. Thank you

  7. Such a wonderful post.

  8. yes, the race is hard some days. But always worth it–I understand this struggle. ;)

  9. Lazy likes to disguise itself….being somewhat convicted of that lately! Yes, we’ll all finish the race, by God’s grace – but I need to take those slow-down moments more!

  10. Great 5 minutes! I can relate to your words. So glad God is patient with us.

  11. Discipline is so hard, isn’t it? I can relate to what you shared. Blessings!

  12. I don’t think God really cares HOW the race is won (fast or slow)… so long as HE IS YOUR PRIZE! As long as you are cherishing Him, looking to Him, and the path you’re on is His… You’re doing better than most. And I think you have far more team mates than you know ;)

  13. You are so brutal with your honesty. No wonder I enjoy my time here each time I visit …

    Love imagining Him cheer me on. even when I stub my toe or need a minute just to catch my breath.
    striving to keep Him in my line of sight…focused on the goal. for then I know, with His grace as my guide, I’ll get there…He’ll lead me Home.

    So thrilled you’ve joined in on #FMFParty. :)

  14. I can definitely relate to the feeling of ‘what on earth am i doing?’ and the laziness streak. I spend hours of my day – hours – in bed because I’m ill and do i spend those hours reading the Bible? Do I ‘eck.

    I liked your take on this.

    P.s. went to the ballet the other day. Men in very tight tights. Found myself idly thinking a bit too long about those tights. Then thought of your post month. Glad i’m not the only one…