A Look Inside My Husband’s Comic Head.


My husband is hilarious.  Seriously.  He’s the funniest person I’ve ever met.  But his humor isn’t the obvious kind.  It’s more of the Demetri Martin variety that likes to play on words and make you use your noggin.


Like the other day when, in reference to a dinner date, I said, “Do you want to plan it?”  To which he replied, “YES I want a planet!”  Or this week when a friend asked, “Do you know why the pilgrims landed on Plymouth?”  And his immediate response was, “To rock?”




Anyway, to further explore the inside of the funny world that happens inside that funny linguist husband of mine’s brain, here are a few random panel comics that don’t belong to anything. Just a little silliness to amuse your Friday.


It's the CIIIRRRRCULAR wife. (And it rules us all?)



What the church likes to call people ...



Yippie yi yaaaaay


Pa pa pa poker face ....



Thumbs up for Rock ... enroll!



You’re welcome.




  1. Ah, linguist humor, I love it! My husband and I met at DLI :)

  2. Thanks for the morning snicker. : )

  3. Those are funny! I love it when my kids mistake lyrics in a song for something hilarious- I should make them draw those out. . .

  4. Ahh … rock enroll. Nice.