Plank Pullin – The one where I’m a bad blogger.

It’s Plank Pullin’ time! The one day a week that we strongly resolve to ignore the multitude of specks and sawdust around us and pull one bona fide plank from our own eye. Matthew 7:3-5 style.


I don’t know if you know, but there’s such a thing as blogging etiquette, y’all.


You’re supposed to reply to comments on your own posts … leave comments on the posts of your friends … occasionally visit the blogs of people who are regularly commenting on your own blog … @reply tweet at least as often as you @tweet … participate in the blogging related facebook groups that you’re a part of … and read posts other than just your own on other websites that you write for .


And I’ve done round about none of the above all summer. 


The reasons are two-fold. A) It was summer.  I was in a hammock. B) I was burnt out, y’all.


Social media can be exhausting/draining, and it’s quite the balance for us online writers to precariously perch on.  Twitter moves as fast as a flippin freight-train, Facebook is just depressing most of the time, and there are about 1.2 billion blogs in the world.


It all starts out so simple, this social media thing.  You friend your high school buddies on facebook.  One of them shares the link to something called a “blog”.  You start following that one blog religiously.  You find a link there to a second blog and start following it, too.  It’s a breeze to keep up with because, after all, it’s only 2 blogs, right?


And then 2 turn into 200.  And you’re scared to enter into conversations on twitter because the stupid train won’t stop long enough for you to get on.  And you don’t even want to read other peoples words anymore.  Words start to lose meaning.  You start to desire the simple beauty of the sunlight as it shines through a leaf, or the purest comedy of a squirrel chasing his frenemy.


Okay, have I whined enough yet?  :)


So, to be honest, this plank isn’t quite as planky as most because I don’t think it’s necessarily a sin.  Life ebbs and flows and you gotta be like all kinds of watah to survive the rapids. (<-bad attempt at poetry)  The truth of the matteh is, I had to pull back for awhile and be filled with God, his creation, his beauty, his spirit, his truth, and his word.  So, this is sort of an awkward not-apology sort of apology.


BUT, I have a feeling that soon and very soon I’ll be a better blog visitor and commenter y’all, so don’t give up on me.  After all, my hammock time sadly diminishes in the winter…


  1. I chased and ran after the rat race that is social media hard and fast for awhile, then everything in life shifted and moved and I had to pull back. It’s really, really easy to lose perspective when you spend too much time online. Suddenly blogging becomes a job and a chore and my true vocation (raising children who fear the Lord and serving a husband with respect and grace) gets put on the back burner…as does my time with the One who gave me the words in the first place.

    I’ve become much more prayerful with my words these last months. I still want my space to be light and fun and bring joy, but I also want to make sure that it’s an overflowing of what He is pouring directly into my heart. And it’s hard to overflow an empty cup. :)

  2. Being in a hammock is a valid excuse for most things.
    Jenna recently posted..Tattoos and such thingsMy Profile

  3. I liked the line about words losing meaning after a while. It’s always good to pull back now and then to recharge. {Also – I thought the majority of that post was pretty poetic!}
    Tori recently posted..FMF : Beyond… & Friday Favorites!!My Profile

  4. We sometimes forget the part where we do this for the fun of it. It’s not a JOB. I comment on a lot of blogs but I don’t do it out of a sense of duty, but because something written genuinely inspired me to comment. Do I wish I had hundreds of commenters on my posts? sure. But I think I write well. I write mostly for ME and I am happy to have a couple of people who are inspired, as I am to comment on this post, to make some sort of comment on something I have written.
    Bev recently posted..It All DependsMy Profile

    • It’s definitely not a regularly paying job, but I do treat my site as a job. :) But yeah, it needs to be fun, too. And I’m a notorious lurker, even when I read blogs I often find don’t find the words to leave a comment, even when I enjoyed the post. Again, because I’m such a bad rude blogger, I guess. Lol.

  5. I had to make the choice to pull back from blogging and to cut some blogs from my Reader where I was commenting without getting so much as a short reply or where it was sort of a one way street. I was getting stressed when I would open Reader after a day or so and have 100+ posts to read. lol

    So, yeah, the social media thing can be hard to balance. I’ve missed you, though! But I understand being too busy to comment on every post you read!
    Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies recently posted..Shutterfly Giveaway!My Profile

    • Yeah, I whittled down my list recently, too. Since I pretty much wasn’t reading any, i thought maybe if I reduced the size I would be more inclined to pick it back up. I’m trying to get back in the blog readin game!

  6. I’ve determined that blogging is a winter sport. You just can’t do it in the summer! I am guilty of all the above, expect for my few blogs that I follow religiously. I’m still trying to find my groove, but it’s sooooo hard to get motivated again.
    Keri recently posted..Haters Gonna HateMy Profile

    • That is an excellent illustration, for reals. I’ve only managed to keep up with 2 blogs consistently and that’s Shaun Groves and Carlos Whittaker. Everyone else has been abandoned. Sigh.

  7. Julie Williams says:

    my plank is….and one i confessed to my Pastor ( because God told us to confess our sins one to another) I didnt like a special speaker at our church, nor did i like their music style particularly( as ours at our church is more prophetic worship, Jesus culture and Hillsong inspired)and theres was more 80’s style…. and i didnt want to hear what he said or sang.. so i sat in silence for 3 days while he ministered.. it was tough because God was requiring me to be there and my flesh was fighting it! But the thing is.. is that I had told friends that I wasnt going the 40 nights to receive from man but from God during our 40 nights of revival. .. (so was I or wasnt I!!! Plank 1) God caught me! ! When i confessed it to my Pastor..being the sweet man he is he told me that it was okay, but to remember that its okay to not “like” every speaker. and that he had received more positive feedback on this particular speaker than any of the others! I was like WOW!!! Revelation! .. the rest of the story( and the other plank) is that.. i was feeling a bit righteous because I was there every night when many others were not… shame on me.. so out comes that plank! Lord God burn this flesh of mine who wants her own way and wants to like everything I hear and like every one I meet.. its just aint gonna happen!

  8. It’s very easy for that list of blogs to read to become huge, because of the inner desire to be a nice, supportive person. Thing is, our first obligation is to follow the Lord, and be nice to our families, If we spend more time being nice to other people for the sake of appearing to be a nice person online, are we really serving the Lord in the manner He would have us? Comment when you can, tweet when you can. The Lord will ensure that those who He wants to follow your blog, will, and those He wants you to follow, will become obvious. Let the rest run its course. I would still read your blog even if I knew you didn’t read mine (not that I’m a faithful blogger, lol)

    Wendy recently posted..It IS that simpleMy Profile

  9. It’s ok to enjoy your summer – social media is overrated anyway ;). Honestly, I understand.
    Miranda recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – First SnowfallMy Profile

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