Plank Pullin – The one where I don’t pull a plank.

It’s Plank Pullin’ time! The one day a week that we strongly resolve to ignore the multitude of specks and sawdust around us and pull one bona fide plank from our own eye. Matthew 7:3-5 style.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this public Plank Pullin thing for more than 7 months, now.  I really think that doing this every. single. week has helped me to grow quite a lot this year.  Confessing your biggest failure each week forces you to have to repent of your own crappiness and pray to God to renew and refine this stinkin, selfish, wad of humanness.


And you know what?  It’s been working, y’all.  Having to deal with my less than perfectness in a public way each week has stopped me from festering some of my stubbornness and bitterness when dumb junk happens and guess what?  I find myself having less planks each week.  Which sounds like a good thing, right?


But it leaves me with a weird bloggy guilt complex.  Technically, it means I’m growing closer to God and closer to someone who reflects His goodness and anti-plankyness.  But … it makes for terrible writing.


I actually had some emotional, dramatic, and (in my little ole opinion) unfair circumstances crop up this week.  But because of how I’ve been learning to rely on God’s Spirit to work in me, I handled it way better than I would’ve in the past.  Again, good for me.  Good for God.  Good for the other party.  Boring for the blog.


Oh well.  I guess if someone has to get the short end of the plank, it might as well be the blog.


Not that I’m saying I’m perfect, obviously.  Just that my planks are rather small lately.  Splinters, mostly.  Yeah, I’m still not a perfectly patient and humble servant of my family all of the time.  I still don’t have a lot of discipline or self-control in the how-much-i-love-food department.  I still think less than kind things about people in my brains.


But I am learning how to empty me of me and be filled with God’s spirit.



  1. How very cool is that?!?! Yes, it does make for boring blogging, but it’s still pretty awesome.
    Jill Foley recently posted..This Week…My Profile

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