Painting Rocks at Paradise Valley


One of the fun things about camping at Paradise Valley Campgrounds in Squamish, B.C. was the rock painting.  The front office provides free paint and brushes and encourages you to paint any rock small enough to fit in your hand.


The campground is covered with painted rocks which gives it a fun, quirky atmosphere.


They’re stuck into trees, sitting on stumps, surrounding the fire pits of each camp – it’s pretty sweet.


Eleven Year Old did quite a few with some friends.  I thought they were pretty cute.  Except I thought the marshmallow was a tropical fish and Husband thought it was a turkey. Art is open to interpretation, right?


A barn owl, paw print, and marshmallow roasting.


Inspired by one of the wild boys making a comment about a rainbow I found an appropriately shaped rock and painted a quick promise in the sky.


Only later did I connect the fact that it was painted at the time of Elijah Rainbow’s unfuneral.  I felt somehow connected to my sparkly bloggy friends throughout the weekend.  The whole thing felt very much like an adventure they would take.


More camping posts soon. :)





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