An Agoda Review – A Booking Debacle Redeemed

How Agoda handled out booking debacle and why I'd use them again.

An Agoda review – My experience booking with Agoda for the first time.   Agoda is a hotel booking website that you may not have heard of. It is a part of the Priceline Group that includes other reputable sites like and   I wasn’t sure what to expect when using Agoda for […]

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Visiting India as told by Friends

Hilarious Friends gifs about what it's like to visit India.

If you’re an expat who has spent some time in India, you should be able to relate to at least a few of these.       1. When you try to learn Hindi .     2. When you don’t like the food but you don’t want to offend your Indian host.     […]

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Cultural Differences between the US and India

When cultures clash. An example from India.

There are many cultural differences between the US and India. Countless, really. And let me tell you, culture clash is a very real thing.   And usually I like to think I’m pretty level headed about cultural differences. Normally I arrive pretty quickly at “this isn’t wrong, it’s just different”.   For example, in East […]

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What to do in Savannah, GA

The top six things to do in downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Don’t know what to do in Savannah? Let me help you out, my friend. I get it, there are a lot of things to see and do in Savannah.  It can be overwhelming. First of all, ride the trolley! Then proceed to Broughton street and these must-do things below.   6 Places to Go in […]

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Egg Curry Recipe

Egg curry recipe

Egg curry is yet another thing that I didn’t know existed until we came to India. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it on a menu in South Asia but our ayah used to cook it for us and we couldn’t get enough of it.   I love collecting Indian recipes and this boiled […]

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Tip Top Tea Shop at Char Dukan in Mussoorie

The best pancakes in Mussorie, India at Tip Top Tea Shop in Char Dukan.

Char Dukan in Landour, Mussoorie has been around since nearly the beginning of this former British summer retreat town. The name “Char Dukan” literally means “four shops” in Hindi. Although in the last 100 years an extra shop or two has sprung up.   There are many resorts in Mussoorie and it’s a popular destination […]

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5 Signs You’ve Been Abroad Too Long

5 tongue-in-cheeks signs that you've been abroad too long.

If you’ve been abroad for long you’ve noticed that your host culture has a way of creeping up on you. What was initially foreign slowly becomes normal. You begin to adopt the practices of your surroundings.     Which, inevitably, comes back to bite you the next time you arrive on the familiar shores of […]

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Our Epic West Coast Family Road Trip

An awesome west coast (ish) road trip.

We’ve done a cross-country family road trip or two (or three) in our time but this west coast road trip in 2013 is by far the most epic. We crossed several things off of our west coast bucket list.     A ridiculously awesome road trip   The full trip is mapped out below. More […]

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Cadillac Ranch – What No One Tells You

What I wish I knew before going to Cadillac Ranch.

Cadillac Ranch is one of those road side attractions with a cult following. Everyone’s heard of it or caught a snippet about it on some random travel show.     When I was planning our big road trip in 2013 and realized we’d be in the neighborhood of this phenomenon, I worked it into our […]

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Meteor Crater in Arizona – Epic Roadside Attraction

Meteor Crater in Arizona

Meteor Crater in Arizona is a road-side attraction worth your time.     When researching things to do in Arizona, a certain canyon is all the hype. And don’t get me wrong, I love The Grand Canyon. When I was planning our giant cross-country road trip in 2013 I made sure we stayed in Flagstaff […]

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