Ow! My legs!


So. Remember how I said I wanted to start running this year? Well, I’m failing miserably. But not from lack of effort.

I started flirting with running in December and added some consistency in January. That went on for about a month until my shins hurt so bad that the internet convinced me I had stress fractures.

I should clarify that by “running” I mean mostly walking. Like run for a minute, walk for 2 kinda situation. Because out of shape.

Anyway, Jeremy insisted that I rest my legs and get new shoes. The internet said I should rest for 6 to 8 weeks but my stubbornness said 3 1/2 would be more than enough. After all, my legs had stopped hurting. I was just going about daily life with no pain and no running. An equation I didn’t like.

So I got some sweet new running shoes and finally put them to use again this week. I ran twice, with a day of break in between.

And I’m dying. Back to the same problem. Lying in bed at night with throbbing shins, wanting to cry.

I’ve read a billion beginner running blogs. I’m not heel striking or any of those running no-nos. Should I have waited the full 6 to 8 weeks? BUT THAT’S SO LONG.


So, if you have any practical advice, please bestow it upon me. Something other than eat more protein, drink more water, and stretch. Because duh.

I’m so frustrated that I’m not making better progress with this.  A YEAR ONLY LASTS SO LONG.




  1. Jenn Ott says:

    Try loose shoelaces; worked for my husband. Different shoes? Different stretching?

  2. Time heals all wounds but until then, Stretch! Also you can ice your shins down, a couple bags of frozen vegetables work great for this. Also I don’t know what your running on (surface) or the shoes your in but just because you got shoes doesn’t mean you have the right shoes. Also it may be more about how your running (mechanics) than anything else. I’ve only had shin splints once and it was related toTMTS (To Much To Soon), changing my form and swapping to a new shoe style mid season. Rest, walk your mileage out instead of run, ice and stretch and you’ll be zipping along fine soon enough.

  3. Kristin K says:

    I struggle with this too. I did have to take 8 weeks off to heal. When I do run I wear compression socks. When I get home I immediately ice my shins. I do foam rolling for my shins and also using golf balls on the bottom of feet rolling and then foam roll the shin area. Also my running friends say taking frozen water bottles and rubbing them similar to foam rolling on the shins helps. Ice and Rest for now.

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