Our Purposeful Word for 2012


Forget resolutions.  What if you could just pick one purposeful word for 2012?


I did it last year and I’m amazed how much it influenced our past 12 months.  The purposeful word I picked for 2011 was Respect.  Respect for my children, mostly.  I realized how disrespectful I was to my children and I wanted desperately to reverse that pattern and any damage I may have done with my behavior.


Well, I’m still no girl-Jesus (far from perfect, y’all) but I am proud/blessed/thankful to say that the Bowmans have come far in the parental respect department this year.  It inspired the writing of my e-book Parenting Wild Things – Embracing the Rumpus, for one thing.  And my passion for revolutionizing my parenting even helped to land me a contributor spot on two other mothering websites, The Better Mom and M.O.B. Society.


The older I get the more I am humbled by the amount that God can teach me in the span of one year.


So what is our purposeful word for 2012?


Well, I was slightly conflicted.  I considered Present because I desire to be more present in each moment of my life.  I also considered Joy because I want to learn to take joy in all the jumbled up imperfections of my world.


But in the end, the word I felt the most strongly about is Slow.


The word slow for me ties together being present and taking joy in the little things.


Y’all, I get pretty desperately disturbed by how fast time is passing.  I feel like I’m amtraking my way through my life and my children and my marriage.  The details are blurring as they pass and I just. can’t. make. the train stop.


So I finally bought Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts on sale last month.


1000 gifts book


And found an old journal.


gift journal


The one with the life embedded in the pages.


reusing journals


And I tore out the used bits.  The ones with verses about a love I haven’t been living enough.


journaling scripture


And I wrote Ann’s Jesus words at the top.


eucharisteo journal

And then I started my own list.


My list won’t look the same as the wife of a Canadian pig farmer and mother of 6. My list will reflect me.  My heart.  My soul.


I hope that it helps me to slow down this year and cherish every delicious morsel of life.


Because life is slipping by, y’all.  At neck-breaking, train-wrecking speed.


So let’s all just slow. down.




Are you picking a purposeful word for 2012?  Feel free to link it up below.

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  1. Wonderful word. Blessings.

  2. Surrender

  3. My words seems to be building on eachother even though I don’t make the connections until after God has led me to my word. I wrote about it in my post, but I”ll quickly mention it here too. First year was Love. Second year was Quiet and immediately God gave me Zeph 3:17 to memorize. During the year he “quieted me with his Love”. (see the word play). Now I am ready to Listen…..so my word for 2012 is Listen. I know there are many layers to this word – listening to God, listening (really listening) to my children (which you touch on in your book!), listening to others – not making every conversation about me.

  4. I tried to post my link, but it kind of failed somehow… so I reposted. Is there any way you can delete the first one? It’s just called Lyssa. *sigh* I fail at following simple directions!

  5. I linked my post up …. my word in Intentional :-)

  6. Picking just one word is a FABULOUS idea. Thank you for the suggestion!

  7. Mine is “thankfulness”. A lot of suffering & humbling has happened this past year & my husband said he believes God will make this a year of thankfulness. I agree.

  8. The word “slow” is a great choice. What I wouldn’t give to be able to make things go a little more slow!

  9. I am re-reading 1000 Gifts (I love it!) and I restarted my list yesterday. What better day, right?

  10. I loved your 2011 word and i love your 2012 word. Congrats on the contributor spots and I just started reading Ann Voskamp’s book. Journaling with it is such a great idea! stopping by from the TTT linkup.

  11. I picked GIVING. Not just financially, but giving attention and affection. Giving priority and giving focus. Giving time and encouragement and the Good News…

  12. I picked GIVING. Not just financially, but giving attention and affection. Giving priority and giving focus. Giving time and encouragement and the Good News…

  13. Thanks for linking up – great minds think alike :) Great word too.



  14. I’m all for going slow. I’m built for comfort, not speed.

  15. Slow is such a great word, and one I choose to be more mindful of in 2012. I recently read a blog entry that suggested we have a greater capacity for growth when we slow down instead of rushing forward through life. This truth resonated with me and I realized I am choosing to slow down in 2012. This realization brought me to my word for 2012- RELEASE.



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