One Beautiful Shoe


I was all set to pick a lush, green, trail picture again for my One Beautiful Thing, but then last night, just before we came in for the day, I snapped this picture.  We had gone outside after dinner to let the Wild Boys blow some steam on the big grass lawn of the campus and Four Year Old asked if he could where the above pictured ensemble.


In one of my few moments of mommy clarity lately, I said yes.  Because, ya know, who cares?  I’ve not been (or chosen not) to say yes as often lately, partly because of our stricter food rules, so it felt good to say yes and see the joy that it brought to my littlest Wild Thing.


It even inspired me to make this graphic, which might also inspire me to make “Saying Yes” a new meme around here in the new future.  What’dya think?


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  1. Love those adorable shoes. LOVE that wonderful graphic! And I say “yes” to the Say Yes meme idea! :)
    Carma recently posted..Just Wing It: License to DriveMy Profile

  2. I’m so glad I came back to your site. I had forgotten how much I love your style. You are too cool for school lady.

    Saying yes more often…oh Lordy Lord…I need that lesson.
    shayne recently posted..Bread ContinuedMy Profile

  3. I love this one. I saw it on my fb page and it made me smile.
    Donna recently posted..Bubble funMy Profile

  4. :)
    neffer recently posted..Double Duty SaturdayMy Profile

  5. I left a basket of clean clothes in my 2 year old daughter room. When i get her up in the morning i usually take her pjs off and let her run in her diaper until after breakfast….the last two days she came out with day 1. A purple tinkerbell tank top with pink pj bottoms day 2. a dark pinkish/white big plaid shorts with multi colored heart shirt. I was like you know what i dont care….i usually am very picky about what she wears. but when she came out and said “look mom…ccuuutttteee” i had to let her :)

  6. LOVE it! P.S. I’ll totally get in on this meme with you. :)
    Jenna recently posted..I have a boner for vintage cameras.My Profile

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