One Beautiful Playroom


My one beautiful thing this week is blurry.  And through a window.


This week the Wild Boys have been retreating to a common area/hallway that connects two parts of our apartment building.  There are old damaged couches in there, but no one uses it except as an exit strategy so we’ve found it’s an excellent place for the children of the apartments to inhabit as a play room.  They tote their legos down in a blanket that they can spread out and then they just play.  For hours.  Seriously.  It’s so simple.  On this particular day the Husband had the day off from school and he spent hours with the Wild Boys playing legos.  It leaves our 900 sq ft apartment much more peaceful and gives the Wild Things infinite amounts of good ole fashion entertainment.


Funnily, the legos were one of the only toys that made it across the continental US with us, despite the fact that they barely ever paid them any attention anymore back in Georgia.  But now that they have limited resources, they seem to have endless imagination.  Funny how that works.


I’m linking up with Brooke’s One Beautiful Thing this week.



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