One Beautiful Folk Dance

My one beautiful thing this week is from our big debut camping trip last weekend.  We went as a group with other summer session students from The Husband’s school.  Apparently the Canil department of Trinity does this every year.

Camping with a group was fun because you get an instant sense of community.  But it’s also a little awkward if you don’t know any of the people in your group, which was pretty much the case for me.  It’s a surreal thing being thrown together with a bunch of young single college students. There’re so flippin’ foot loose and fancy free.  Life is just a giant joke or a giant adventure and they can go and do whatever they want. The world is their oyster and all that.

I generally feel like a bitter old woman whenever I’m around all the young folks.  Because we obviously have the responsibilities of the four Wild Things so we’re always on the outskirts of the joviality, trying to keep small children from impaling themselves and what-not.

The above picture perfectly captures what I’m talking about.  The whipper-snappers were doing a spontaneous folk dance.  A folk dance!  While camping.  It was fun to watch, and made my weekend experience a little brighter, even if I was only on the side clicking pictures.

I’m linking up with Brooke’s One Beautiful Thing.


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