No ‘Poo update : 7 weeks of no’pooing


It’s been 7 weeks since I stopped using traditional shampoo ( aka – no ‘pooing ) and I’m still going strong.


There has been a bit of experimenting with different methods and different amounts, but I find the experimentation fun.


In the beginning I was using the baking soda rinse followed by the apple cider vinegar rinse method.  After a week or two my hair looked oily a lot, but I realized it’s because I was using more of the ACV and it gives your hair a very conditioned, shiny effect.  Once I figured that out I diluted it more (a table spoon or two in a cup and a half of water or so).


Also, after hearing someone mention using Dr. Bronners to clean their dreads, I decided to give that a go.  I also tried adding a touch of the peppermint soap to my baking soda mixture, but that made my hair really dry.


What I’m currently doing (and have been for weeks) is washing with Dr. Bronners, rinsing, and then conditioning with the diluted acv mixture, and rinsing.  I don’t dilute the Dr. Bronners, I simply pour a small amount on my hand and lather it into my scalp.  I really like the result.  My hair is clean, and manageable.  Not overly dry or oily.


Before, when I was using shampoo all them years, my hair was excessively oily.  I was one of those people that had to shampoo every day or they would look pretty ick.  But now, I don’t wash but every few days, and even after several days of not washing, it doesn’t look nearly has skeezy as it used to after a single day of not shampooing.

I can’t testify about how the no ‘pooing works with styling your hair, because I don’t style my hair.  Honestly, I generally don’t even brush my hair (yes, even though it’s nearly down to my waist).


I tried to take a bunch of pictures of my hair for y’all, but they were pretty much a fail.  So this is the best you get.  I washed yesterday.


So, have you taken the no ‘poo challenge yet?  What works for you?





  1. I lasted a couple weeks. I think I may have been doing it wrong. Once you apply the baking soda mixture do you rinse that out before doing the ACV? or do you leave it in and do the ACV on top of it? And also, do you rinse out the ACV? I was putting the baking soda mix in, rinsing, putting ACV in, rinsing…

    • You were doing it right! :) I might still switch back and forth between the baking soda and bronners.

      • It was going pretty well but the hubbs had me psyched out that I was doing it wrong. I think I’ll return to it now that I know I was on the right track . My hair was looking healthy and shiny! P.S. Your hair looks great!

  2. I just tried this last week and lasted 4 days. I was doing the baking soda / ACV method. I decided that with naturally curly hair that is short and needs some styling, I like shampoo. That and my husband thought I was a weirdo. I don’t wash every day, unless I work out enough to sweat (which is sometimes every day).

    I hadn’t heard of the Dr, Bronners method, but just bought a big container of the peppermint soap last week (for making my own cleaners).

    • Jill, if you google, there’s a website specifically for curly headed ladies that has a big section on no ‘poo. That’s where I’d first heard about it, but my hair is straight. But there may be more tips and tricks there for specifically how it will work best with curly hair. I suspect that if one is going to have the transitional stage, it would take longer than 4 days to get it balanced.

  3. I started at Christmas. I’ve been doing baking soda in water, massaging my scalp, rinsing my hair then for every other wash, a tablespoon or so of ACV diluted in water, and rinsing (in addition to the baking soda). I have found that my hair is SO much better. It feels so soft, it looks less greasy, I can go three days without it getting icky looking or smelly! (but I’m trying to limit it to two – i do live with people!) My daughter has been doing the routine too. She has the tangliest hair. Even spray on, or leave in conditioners really don’t help. But this combo has been great for her (I always use the acv for her)

  4. Hmmmm, I lasted a week and a half, I think. I decided to go back to shampoo, but since I always only washed twice a week anyway, it’s not a big deal for me. I wash my hair and shower in the evening, let it dry naturally, then will go a day and a half, shower, but not wash my hair, another day and a half and shower and wash my hair.

    I would go through less shampoo if my six year didn’t shower in my bathroom.

  5. I keep hearing about this but I’m not so sure how it’d work on my kinky {at times nappy} locks!

  6. <– curly girls – read there. That method actually has you just wash with conditioner instead of using shampoo. Which is basically what the Wen stuff is. conditioner you wash with. Latoya – looking around on that site, I think you'll probably find info for your hair there, too.

  7. Jason and I have been no ‘poo for 2 1/2wks now. Started doing it the same time we started our dreads.

    The last time we did it, I don’t think I lasted this long because my hair was REALLY oily, even after just washing it.

    But I figured out the trick. I have to boil the water first … and let it cool, obviously. Maybe something to do with stuff in the well water, who knows.

    Right now, I’ve got to wash my hair every day so it doesn’t get too oily {doing dreads and all, want it clean so it’ll produce good tangles}. But I can go every other day if I want.

    The girls are using up the rest of our regular store shampoos, then I’ll get some Dr Bronners for them {and maybe us too, who knows}.

  8. I tried this for about a week and a half…unfortunately I found it too time consuming, having to prep the stuff and shake it up in a container…I take super quick showers (we have an apartment below us that is hooked up to the same water as us and we often lose the hot/cold water or water pressure!!) My showers are 5 minutes or less so even though I really wanted to like using no shampoo, I just couldn’t keep up with it! :(