No, my sons are not twins.


This is Three Year Old.


Three Year Old


And this is Five Year Old.


Five Year Old


And dangnabbit, I seem to be the only one that can tell them apart.  Everywhere I go people ask me if they are twins.  No one can keep them straight in my extended family or at church.  And I get the inevitable comment on how “they looks so much alike” all. the. time.




Like, not even a little.


I guess that’s just the mother in me.  I see the many many many ways they are unique, physically and otherwise.   So I’m always flabbergasted as to how people think they’re so similar.  Besides the fact they’re two years apart in age (though to be fair, there’s only 5lbs difference between the two of them).


Do you have Wild Things that people inexplicably can’t tell apart?




  1. I have two boys that are 12.5 months apart. I get the “Are they twins?” all the time! I think the older one looks just like his dad and the younger looks just like me, so they look NOTHING a like. They have the same color of hair, though. That must be the confusion!
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  2. I have a son that is 5 & a daughter that is 3.5 & people used to ask me all the time up until last year if they were twins. Usually it would happen when they were sitting in the stroller or sitting on the floor, so the height difference wasn’t as noticeable. My 18 month old son, however, just looks like he could be my brother’s twin. Except they’re 30 years apart.

    • Yes, if often times happens when they’re sitting in the grocery cart and it’s harder to tell their size differences.

  3. I kept scrolling up and down to see what it was that people found so similar. lol They *do* definitely look like brothers, but not twins. None of my kids really look alike, but what I’m always flabbergasted by is how everyone says they all look like their father, like none of them got any of my genes at all….And it sort of drives me crazy.
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    • I think your biggest and littlest look a lot like you!

      It has ALWAYS driven me crazy when people say that girl of mine looks like me. Because seriously, she is a carbon copy of her dad.

    • P.S. I think if you’re middle two were closer together in age you might get more “are they twins” inquiries.

    • Crystal Taylor says:

      Omg. Seriously, I get the “they look JUST LIKE their daddy!” ALL. OF. THE. TIME. I have actually had several suggest I have one more to see if that child might look like me (some). Hmph. Nice, huh. Hahaha. I stand firm in my beliefs that they DO look like me. Crazy people. ;)

  4. With their similar size, I see how they could be fraternal, not identical, twins.

    Being somewhat socially awkward in real life, I have been known to say something, anything, to break the ice with someone I wanted to chat with. It could be something as abrasive as, “Gosh, they look like twins!”, or maybe even something more annoying. lol Sometimes I will say something and immediately wonder where that came from.

    All this to say, the next time someone says something along these lines that flabbergasts you, perhaps you can see if they might just be trying to break the ice and get to know you?
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  5. Crystal Taylor says:

    I get this all the time! I think its the boys curly hair because they are NOT the same size!! hahaha Their curls draw A LOT of attention so they should have no social awkwardness as they grow older, at all! :)

  6. Yeah…I get the same remark about my girls – who are completely different looking. I don’t even think my girls look like sisters.

    The thing about my kids that frustrates me is that I can’t see mine or my husband’s traits in them. I can look at others’ kids and think “they look just like their mommy (or daddy”, but I can’t do it with my own. Others can….half of them say they one looks like me and the other looks like husband….the other half switch it. I guess what it boils down to is that they look like us – a combination!
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    • I have always felt this way about my boys. You see families where one child looks EXACTLY like the mom and another EXACTLY like the dad…but our boys all just look like …brothers. Lol.

  7. I was going to say the same thing as Michelle. Kids definitely don’t have to look alike to be twins. My uncles are fraternal. Perhaps bc they are similar in size, people think they are fraternal? At whatever rate, it’s an opportunity for conversation! This hasn’t happened with any of my kids, but I have had other questions about them.
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    • I’ve thought about what Michelle said and that makes more sense with strangers, I think. But, literally, people at church and my extended family will call them by the wrong names because they confuse them. Some people honestly don’t have an eye for that kind of thing, I guess.

  8. So kid #3 (girl) and kid#4 (boy) are often assumed to be twins. Granted, they are 1 year and 1 day apart, but they are also just 2 and 1 . . . which in my mind are light years apart. How can you think a 2 yo and 1 yo are twins? They are so different developmentally!!
    But it gets a bit worse. #3 is often thought to be a boy (never mind the DRESSES she wears) and #4 is often confused as a girl (I guess its the red hair? Other than that, he has got the build of a viking. Very not feminine).
    When I explain to the Twin Assumer, I say, “Nah, but they are just a year apart . . . and that one is a boy, by the way.”
    To which I’m told, “Oh! Wow, close in age! Don’t you know what causes that? *snicker*”

    They think they are clever.

    One day in Walmart I’d had enough. I calmly replied, “Yes, I do know how that happens. Exchange of sexual fluids.”

    She will never ask that again, I’m certain of that.
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  9. Yes, people always ask me if my two boys are twins. When they are sitting down I guess they appear pretty similar in size. They are also 2 years apart. I don’t think they look that much alike, but they are definitely brothers, so I suppose twins is a reasonable assumption if you think they look around the same age.
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  10. So I had a lady ask if my daughters had the same father, because they looked NOTHING alike. I calmy looked at her and said “different mothers”.

    Kate made me laugh.

    My mom calls ME the wrong name all the time. I really can’t expect her to remember my kids’ names!
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    • Wow, I would think that was a kind of rude question to ask! Lol. I don’t think I could bring myself to ask someone that.

      And actually, I don’t call my kids by the right things either…

      • LOL. It WAS incredibly rude. And to make it worse, she was an employee at the grocery store and had helped me out to the car with my groceries. I am thinking that after the look on her face, she probably won’t ask that question again.
        Amy recently posted..Teaching my husband a lessonMy Profile

  11. We get that constantly lol

    One is blonde and chubby, one is blond and lanky, AND they’re 21 months apart!

  12. I get that sometimes with my two middle boys, 22 months apart. I don’t see it, but whatever.

    What really irritates me is the people who say, “Don’t you want to try for a girl?” in front of my 4 boys. Like, they must be a disappointment because of their chromosomes, or something. Or, “Are they all yours?” No, I just found them wandering in the parking lot and felt like kidnapping four rowdy but adorable boys today.

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