My Three Year Old Won’t Stop Yelling.

three year old driving me crazy

Three Year Old won’t stop yelling.  Seriously.  He won’t. stop. yelling.


And when he’s not yelling, he’s whining.  All the live long stinkin day.


To be fair, he just wants to be listened to.  And he wants to talk.  He wants to be in charge of all of the talking, in fact.  After all, why should other people have to talk, he obviously is a pint sized genius that needs to be paid attention to.  What all this adds up to, is every single time a thought enters his head, it has to come out.  At a higher octave than I’d prefer.  And if he thinks you’re not listening, he just starts yelling your name.  Loudly.


And, the thing is, you might actually be listening.  But unless you’re making eye contact with him, he doesn’t believe you.  So you, litrally, have to stop what you’re doing and look to him in his eyeballs.  For some reason, he especially wants to share his wisdom with Seven Year Old, so I wake up most morning hearing him holler, “SEVEN YEAR OLD, SEVEN YEAR OLD, SEVEN YEAR OLD, SEVEN YEAR OLD!!”


(Don’t tell husband, but I recognize that there is sort of poetic justice in all this, because I’ve been known to ask people to look at me when I’m talking.  But not because I’m bossy.  Because I’m A.D.D. and I can’t listen to someone unless I’m looking at them.  So when people aren’t looking at me, I think they aren’t listening, and it’s such a distraction that I can’t talk…) (Though, for the record, I don’t stand there yelling, “HUSBAND, HUSBAND, HUSBAND!” until he looks at me…)


Oh, and the other thing is, I am super sensitive to noise.  Super. Sensitive.  It hurts those A.D.D. brains of mine.  You know those moms who can sit right beside their toddler while they mash the button on that loud, obnoxious toy and not notice?  Yeah, that’s not me.  That toy is either designated a “bedroom only” toy, or it’s disposed of.  Asap.




I’m trying to remind myself that there will positively absolutely be a time when I will miss this.  And miss him.  And miss the noise and ridiculousness that is my current reality. And I’m trying to be more present and savor the sweeter moments.


Like how, while writing this, Three Year Old walked up and said, “Mom, 1 bitsy bitsy thing (holds up one finger) Dat I love you, (holds up second finger) and … (kisses me on the arm).


I guess he’s not all that bad.  ;)






  1. Ahh, from another ADD/sound aversion mom – I totally understand. I can take noisiness, but certain noises, and repetitively, no.
    It’s my 5 year old who won’t shut up. All day. Loudly. Constantly talking. Usually about theological question that most adults haven’t even worked through. Which makes it draining for my ears and my brain. Lately he’s stuck on “Well, God made Satan, God is love, and he says we should love everyone, so we’re supposed to love Satan, right?”

    • Agh, the repetitive thing gets me. And the boys are constantly banging on a wall or some such. *Shakes head*

  2. Ah… in the spirit of the season we’re in the middle of a GIANT toy purge. (I’ve been talking for weeks about how we have lots of toys and some kids have no toys until V came up with the idea to give them some of her toys on her own. Idea plant win!) Anyway, pretty much every single one of those obnoxiously loud toys vacated my house last week on their way to children who’s parents haven’t had a chance to grow to hate them yet. I have about three weeks of peace in my house left before more obnoxiously loud plastic crap shows up… thanks grandparents.

    • Yes, I feel certain more of such will magically appear by the end of the month around here, as well. ;)

      • Why in the name of all that is good and holy is there a smiley face following that statement? If there were an emoticon that looked like me wailling in torment with one eye twitching and my last bits of sanity melting slowly away while I contomplate digging my own ear drums out with rusted pliers if I hear the electronic voice of Dora say one. more. word. that is the one I would use. (Disclaimer: I might be a tad noise sensative as well.)

  3. My baby-of-the-family, who just turned 4, is a big whiner. And not only do you have to look him in the eye, he will say “Mama?” at the beginning of every sentence, so even if you are already looking at him and listening, you have to say “What” so he can proceed with his next sentence. Which is aggravating, BUT he is absolutely the most adorable little guy ever. So that helps. :)


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