My (Not So Secret) Addiction.


Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m an addict.


It compels me.  I love it.


But …


… I can stop any time I want.  And I don’t really consume that much of it, I just like to have a lot of it around, ya know, in case of emergency. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?


Besides, I get a good deal on it.  And I only buy it on sale.  My store just happens to have a lot of sales …


That’s right, I’m addicted to …





At any given moment I have entirely too much cheese in my house.


Muenster, Monterey Jack, American, Cheddar, Colby, Mozzarella, Provolone, Goat, Swiss, Shredded, Snack Size.


I love them all.


And you can’t stop me.





  1. That’s a lot of cheese. I thought we went through a lot, but we probably only have about half that amount.

  2. You can freeze it too so it won’t go bad if you ever need to. Actually as odd as it seems, my husband says that’s one reason he knew he was to marry me: our mutual love for cheese. :-)

  3. You can NEVER have too much cheese!!!!! EVAH!

  4. After your post the other day about being fat and giving up your soda addiction, I thought for a minute you were going to give up cheese too. But, I guess that wasn’t the issue!

    If you had said you were giving up cheese too, I would’ve said be careful not to do the “too much, too fast” thing in making changes since you wouldn’t want to get discouraged and quit. But, since that’s not the issue, I’ll just say enjoy your cheese in moderation — no one wants to see you get Jacked up and have a Muenster hangover with brain that feels like Swiss cheese! ;-)

  5. As my husband says: “What a friend we have in cheeses!”

  6. LOL. We buy the 5 pound bags of cheese at Costco. TOTALLY get your addiction!


  8. My cholesterol spiked just looking at the picture. I’m glad someone can enjoy it!

  9. Cheese is an addiction the same way oxygen is an addiction. ;-)

  10. My favorite is pepper jack, but I’m not biased. I eat way too much cheese. Might explain my waist line…

  11. You are more than welcome to visit my house Jessica. My father-in-law found cheese on sale right before he made his trip here, and he bought it all and brought it! We have probably 65 bags of shredded cheese (various kinds) and 20 or so blocks in our freezer right now. Not to mention the 2 massive packages of slices that we bought at Sam’s club the day after he got here. Don’t worry… You are not alone :)