My Number One Trick For Drinking More Water.

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Drinking more water is important.  I don’t know if you know about that.   As summer gets closer I imagine every news page is going to try to push generic articles about it on you.  But that’s not what I’m doing.  I’m pushing an informative, quirky, and helpful article.  So there.

Recently, when I decided that I had to make some dietary changes because of how my pants didn’t fit and the mirror was just being plain obnoxious, my first step was to stop drinking soda.  The flip-side to that coin, was that I also needed to start drinking more water.  After all, what the crap was I supposed to drink with lunch and dinner now that I had shunned my bff, HFCS?

The biggest hurdle for drinking more water, in my personal case, is that I don’t typically drink anything unless I’m eating, or exercising.  And since, ahem, I don’t do either of those things that often, I don’t find a lot of motivation to drink the watahs.

Until I painstakingly developed the tried and true method pictured above.  Or I tried it on a whim.  Whatever.

Put a bird on it! Put a tea bag in it!

Okay, so some people might say then it’s not technically water, but I don’t care about what those people technically say.

If you’re like me, you like herbal tea, but are too lazy to actually brew it.  There’s the waiting for it to steep, the waiting for it to cool back down if you want it cold, the adding of sticky honey.  Over all, it’s just more work than I’m usually willing to put forth.  Lazy, yes?

That is why this is so freaking genius!  Just drop a tea back in your water bottle.  Then, viola, it’s not unsweetened tea, it’s flavored water! Consider your paradigm blown.  You’re welcome.

I find I’m much more likely to sip on my water bottle all afternoon if it’s flavored like rasberry earl grey or green tea with lemongrass.

Brilliant, right?  Go ahead, give it a try!



  1. I am SO happy that I (a) don’t like soda, and (b) love water, so I drink probably more of it than the average person. Have all of my life. It’s the ONLY thing I do that is good for my health!
    Bev recently posted..CommentsMy Profile

    • I have always liked water, and I do know that’s a blessing because so many claim to “not like it”. But I’m just not a sipper, ya know? *shrugs*

  2. Ruth Suyamin says:

    Try it with a licorice tea bag….my personal fav…

    • Ruth Suyamin says:

      Another way to get more water is to take a couple of swigs from the tap every time you go to the washroom….this keeps you going to the washroom more and consequently drinking more water ;)

    • Hmm, I don’t have any of that. Half the reason I decided to try this was because i needed to use up my many many herbal teas before the move. Lol. One of my faves is mint water. :)

  3. Herbal tea, yes. But if it’s the kind of tea that has caffeine, even if it’s been decaffeinated, it’s a diuretic, and you have to drink EVEN MORE water. Just FYI.

  4. I think you can get away with the tea bag. *I think*. But when I read an article in a magazine saying that drinking pop is the same as drinking water because “water was in it”, I about laughed a fit. These people can’t be serious?! And people will take that as truth, believe it and do it.

    As long as you don’t put sweetener in your “Flavored water”, I think you might be safe. Otherwise, you’re pushing it call it water. ;)
    BTW, I just love your quirky writing style. :D
    Christin @ Joyful Mothering recently posted..For the Mothers Who Need a BoostMy Profile

    • Yes, I think so long as you don’t use teas high in caffeine or add sugar, it’s still considered whimsically wonderful idea. :) And I have this theory that it’s not as tea-y as real tea since I don’t hot-brew it. That theory might be crap. But I’m running with it.

  5. Ive been using my newly adopted mint plant for mintness in my waters. yummy. I have yet to try the tea thing though. I need to get on that I reckon.
    Neffer recently posted..Alligator Lake againMy Profile

  6. LOL – you’re hilarious :) It’s a great idea…for those who like herbal teas :) For me, the turning point to drink more water was buying one of those insulated cups and filling it with ice. Now, I can have cold water all day long and it doesn’t leave wet rings everywhere – woohoo :)

    I’m passing the tea bag idea on to my dad because it may very well work for him – he’s convinced that pure water is going to kill him ;) Thanks!
    Gidget recently posted..Homeschooling FantasiesMy Profile

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