My Husband is Awesome Day – {With Link Up}

focus on the good in your husband


My husband is awesome.  Really.  There are a sexy bucketful of reasons that make me lucky to have him.


But (you saw the but coming, right?) generally I don’t pay attention to them. Nope.  My tendency is to focus on the things I don’t like about him.  Because of how I’m human and stuff.  It’s so easy to focus on the negative in life. Someone can be perfectly cordial to you 50 times and then be a crap-head once and then we’re forever like, “Oh that guy? He’s a crap-head”.


Well my guy?  He’s not a crap-head. I mean, he has crappy moments. Because of how he’s human, too. But life gets crappy when you focus on the crappy and then, ya know – it stinks.  So, like I mentioned in my recent newsletter (wait, you don’t get the new Bohemian Bowman newsletter? Do it!) – in an effort to make life less stinky, I hereby declare today MY HUSBAND IS AWESOME day. Not “my husband is perfect day”, mind you. Just awesome. Because we all have crappy in us, but we’re also brimming with awesome. And which would you rather your glass be half full of?


So, without further talk of feces, I give you:


Ways My Husband Is Awesome


1. He Provides

Simple, but true.  We’ve been married for more than 12 years and he’s never had an easy job, never earned money in a way that gave him any sort of personal fulfillment.  Oh, and he’s been to war a couple of times.  And yet we’ve always been taken care of. That’s a big deal.  If the roles were reversed I’d probably be – um, grumpy?  Bitter? Perhaps I should be more empathetic when I perceive him to be being crappy for “no apparent reason”. There are always reasons.  Somewhere there’s a root to every problem. Reacting to the symptoms isn’t a cure.


2. He’s a Good Father

Sometimes I flat out disagree with my husband’s parenting decisions and, you guessed it, sometimes I focus on those negatives too much. I mean, heck – sometimes I disagree with my own parenting decisions. But that doesn’t make me a bad mother – just imperfect.  And I’d be devastated to think that he was judging me only on my bad moments.

My husband has a relationship with our 11 year old daughter that allows for very open dialogue.  I love that. I would never have talked to my dad (or mom) about the stuff that she feels free to say. That’s pretty special.

He also does chronological bible storying with The Wild Things every. single. night before bed. Literally.  They start at the beginning and he uses his big theologian brain to put it on their level. They ask questions, they discuss – they learn so much.  It’s one of the few constants, the few traditions that this unconventional, nomadic family has. How awesome is that?


3. He Cleans Up Toys

At the end of every day, he walks through the house and cleans up toys.  Depending on where we’re living it might be the kids’ room or it might be a play room, but he rarely fails in this.  It’s not something that I’ve ever asked him to do, he does it mostly for his own peace of mind, I think.  It’s a nice yin to my yang because y’all – I don’t pick up toys. It might be wrong, but I draw the line at toys.  I clean the dishes, the laundry, and the floor so there’s just something stubborn in me that says “I didn’t make this mess and I’m not going to clean it!”

Once again, I tend to forget that he does this. It’s been happening for so long that I think I attribute the phenomenon to toy cleaning gnomes or something. And, you guessed it, I tend to focus on what he doesn’t help with (you know, those dishes and floors and such).  But take that man out of town for a few days and I’m all “Where the crap did all these toys come from and why are they all over my floor?!”


There you have it, three things that are awesome about my husband.  Now it’s your turn.  Grab the image from the top of this post, write your own post about your awesome (but imperfect) husband, and come link up. Come on, give him an “atta husband”. It can’t hurt.



  1. I don’t have a blog, so I will say it here. My husband of 15 years is Awesome…
    I was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and, quite frankly, I’ve been miserable. This weekend I was struggling, weepy, hurting, and just a sad case. At the same time my hubby was camping with 2 of our children. He found out that I was weepy and tired and crying and gross. And He. Came. Home. Early. Just so he could hug me. And we could “spoon”. So I could have some of his strength cause I’ve got none left. That’s love. Love isn’t lingerie and romantic dinners and moonlit strolls on the beach. (but those sure are nice!) Love is giving up something you enjoy because your wife really really needs a hug.

    • Wow, that’s a great guy right there. I thought the awesome part was that he took the kids away so that you could rest. But hugs are good, too. :)

  2. Jenny Anderson says:

    Thanks for this, Jessica. Since I don’t have a blog myself, I will comment here.
    My Husband is awesome!
    Always on a quest to learn more, be more and do more, Jim recently started his own blog and website. While I was pregnant with our 2nd daughter, Jim quit his full time regular job that required travel to pursue a new endeavor. It has been great for our family. Check it out, comment, subscribe, and please help me let him know how awesome he is!

  3. My husband is awesome, I forget that sometimes in the stress of life, but he will cook dinner, drive the kids where ever. He treats me like a queen! I tend to look at the stuff that gets on my nerves but, I prayed recently for the Lord to help me to remember that He gave me a wonderful husband who adores me. Even when our circumstances are grim, my husband truly comforts me and always supports me! I have and awesome husband.

  4. This is fun, Jessica. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to publicly shout why we think our husbands are awesome!

  5. First, I enjoy how many times you said “crap” in this post. :)

    My Hubs is awesome, of course. :) He is very “manly” in that he doesn’t get emotional, he doesn’t like to have talks about our feelings (which is fine, because I don’t either. Lol) and all that typical “man” stuff BUT he is so very intuitive when it comes to how I’m feeling. He knows how I’m feeling better than I do some times. Even when I think I’m being normal and smiling and happy, he just knows when something is bothering me. Even if it has nothing to do with him, he usually knows what it is, and tries to fix it for me. Sometimes I swear he is psychic. And if its not something he can fix, he’s there with the hugs and kisses I need to feel better.

    And he makes me laugh. All. The. Time.

    • You’re crap-welcome. :)

      And amen to the laughing thing. I should’ve mentioned that.

  6. Jessica I love this topic! Thanks for giving me great motivation to write a post about how awesome my husband is.

  7. What a wonderful idea for a linkup! Anything that helps spread the word about husbands being a great thing is tremendous! I love how you adore the relationship your hubby has with your daughter. I’ve seen too many moms get jealous because one of her kids has a good relationship with their dad. My husband always had a better relationship with our youngest. I was so grateful. He provided a needed bridge between us, especially in the difficult teen years.
    I found you via Jen’s Finding Heaven. I linked up a post I wrote previously in appreciation for my husband-hope that was ok. :-)

  8. I was both surprised and blessed to see the link up which I found today on Jen Ferguson’s site. ABout a year ago I posted on this subject, as I struggled in focusing on the positive aspects of my marriage. This past week or so I did a second one. Kind of an updated version. I will link up and share on my FB page. Nice to meet you, and apparently we have this in common: Our husband’s are awesome.! ;) In His Grace, Dawn


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