My Favorite Indian Soda

I’m no junk food connoisseur. But I feel like I need to tell you about two things today. My favorite Indian soda and the magic that is fresh lime soda.


Junk food around the world


Whenever you travel to another part of the world you’re always in store for some huge cultural differences. But sometimes it’s the little things that are the most fun. Namely – different varieties of snacks and junk food.


For example, in America we have Doritos and in India they have Cornitos.




Many people travel all over the globe for new food experiences. From the disgusting to the divine, people seek out foreign food encounters. Well, I’m here to say – don’t skip the snack aisle! A country’s snacks are a part of its culture, make sure you experience it. :)


TIP: pretty much all Indian snack foods are veg. Which is the hip Asian way of saying vegetarian.


You can find many Indian snack foods online. If you’re not heading abroad soon but are curious, check out Indian veg snacks on Amazon.


Indian Soda


Now, there are several kinds of soda in India that you won’t find on the aisles of an American grocery store. But my favorite is …NIMBOOZ!



Nimbooz - My favorite Indian Soda


Now, I know what you’re thinking – Oh … another lemon soda. I get it. Most lemon-lime sodas are pretty interchangeable. But not this one.


What makes Nimbooz different is, in addition to fresh lemon juice, it has just the tiniest tang of salt.


Sounds, weird, I know. But salt is a flavor enhancer and there’s something magical about the balance of salty and sweet. Trust me.


TIP: There are actually two varieties of Nimbooz. 7Up Nimbooz and 7Up Nimbooz Masala Soda.


The masala soda is carbonated and the regular Nimbooz is not. Believe me, it’s an important distinction. The first time I tried Nimbooz I bought the carbonated one and I fell in love with it. The next several times I purchased regular Nimbooz and I kept thinking they had gone flat. There’s not a great difference between the packaging so make sure it says “masala soda” on the bottle.


And if you’re in a restaurant, scan the menu for Nimboozes fancier cousin, the delight that is fresh lime soda.


Fresh Lime Soda in India


Fresh lime soda - a popular Indian drink.


We have found fresh lime soda available all over India and we pretty much always order it if we get the chance. It’s a combination of fresh lime juice and carbonated water. It comes in three varieties – sweet, salty, and mixed. Get it mixed!


The first time my husband ordered a salty and sweet mixed lime soda I had very big doubts. I really thought it would be gross. But after sampling his, that’s how I’ve ordered mine ever since.


Have you ever had Nimbooz or fresh lime soda? What’s your favorite foreign junk food?


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Fresh lime soda - a treat not to miss while in India. My favorite Indian soda - and why you should try junkfood from around the world.


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  1. My favourite is also Nimbooz! after a walk in the hot summer sun, this tastes like heaven.

  2. You must try the ‘Banta’ – a bottle that is sealed with a marble! (See the wiki on it – I am sure you’ll love this one!

  3. You should also, try the Paperboat flavors – get a taste of some authentic Indian drinks :D