My 12 Year Anniversary on St Simons


Alright, y’all.  We’re going to do this straight up photo album style.  I had such a good time on my day away with that husband of a dozen years that I want it chronicled somewhere.


We went to St. Simons Island for one night for our anniversary.  St. Simons is a little coastal island not too long of a drive from where we live in the swamp, and it’s covered in gorgeous live oaks. It just happens to be where we spent the one weekend of our honeymoon so long ago, so it was nice to celebrate our coupledom there again.


St Simons Island, Georgia


We walked on the pier and watched jellyfish float nonchalantly by.  We sat on the steps at high tide and just laughed and talked and liked each other.



We visited a couple of shops that we never go in when the Wild Things are with us because it’s just too stressful to keep up with everyone.  Consequently, I got my first henna.



I pushed outside of my normal social bounds and talked to lots of strangers.  Shop owners, restaurant workers, I talked to everyone.   Including this lady who was painting the side of a building.  There was some painting class scattered around the island because these little stands where everywhere.



We visited the same vintage clothing store that we had gone to on our honeymoon as teenagers (and bought some psychedelic clothes that we no longer fit into).



I’ve really been wanting to try wearing head scarfs so I was excited to find a vintage scarf that I loved.  Then I surprised even myself by bartering it down to a third of the price. I’m always too intimidated to barter with people, though I’ve always heard that most of the time all you need to do is ask.  To my pleasant surprise, the guy didn’t even haggle with me, I just dropped a number and he immediately agreed to it.  Yay me.


Blurry head scarf action.

We ate at a couple of ridiculously delicious places, including this little italian shop.  How cute is this?  I love me a dark atmosphere.


CJs St Simons Island, Georgia

And I had, I kid you not, the best pizza of my life.


We also did our fair share of walking around and enjoying nature and stuff.


St Simons Island, Georgia

Because of how we love nature and stuff.


But we also spent a great part of the time missing the kids and wishing they were there to show stuff to.  I found myself taking pictures of dogs and animals to bring back home and show Eleven Year Old because I knew she would love them.


St Simons Island, Georgia

Hey, I’m creeping and taking a picture of you walking your dog. You’re welcome.


I actually stopped this man and asked him if I could take a picture of his dog for my daughter.


And it physically pained me not to bring one of these home for her.  Tell me that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.




Anyway, we had a fantastic day.  Like, seriously.  The best day ever.  I, literally, mourned the island the whole trip back home but I consoled myself with our impending epic road trip this summer and our crazy awesome move to a new crazy awesome place that’s just around the corner.  Sigh. I wish every day was island day.






  1. Jealous! I’m glad you had a great anniversary :)

    I think I mourn the beach every time we leave. We are slowly working further south though. One day we will be living ocean side. Preferably somewhere that doesn’t have any winter. Ha.

  2. Oh and I think you always have that soft spot for where you spend your honeymoon….Since we went to Clearwater, we are constantly like “That’s where we need to live…right there…how awesome would that be? Do they have a Home Depot there? (that’s Chad. lol)”