Meteor Crater in Arizona – Epic Roadside Attraction

Meteor Crater in Arizona is a road-side attraction worth your time.


Meteor Crater in Arizona


When researching things to do in Arizona, a certain canyon is all the hype. And don’t get me wrong, I love The Grand Canyon. When I was planning our giant cross-country road trip in 2013 I made sure we stayed in Flagstaff 2 nights just to make certain we got a good look at it.


Yet somehow in all my research, Meteor Crater didn’t pop up on my radar once.  Instead, we found it the old fashioned way, following signs off the highway.


Meteor Crater in Arizona - an epic road side attraction.

Meteor Crater


Nearly a mile wide, two miles around, and more than 500 feet deep, it’s a lot to take in all at once. It’s also hard to take a picture of all at once! A panoramic photograph is your best bet.


Meteor Crater in Arizona


There’s a nice museum inside for your scientific, nerdy side. There’s also a short video that talks about the crater. And a lovely giftshop where you’re sure to lose a few bucks.


Meteor Crater in Arizona


But, obviously, the best part is when they finally let you outside to explore the lookout points.


Meteor Crater in Arizona


Like the canyon, pictures really don’t do it justice. You can find some cool aerial shots online but they don’t give you the proper perspective on just how big this thing is.


Now, the bad news. The admission is steep. Especially for a large family. So if someone holds a gun to your wallet and forces you to choose between the crater and the canyon, well, choose the canyon.


But if you have the time and the resources, don’t miss the chance to see this natural wonder. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Meteor Crater in Arizona


And your kids are likely to be much more impressed with it than with the famous canyon. And the small museum gives them a better chance to get hands on. It can be quite the educational pit stop.


Have you ever accidentally found a cool roadside attraction?


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  1. It always cracks me up to see what the kids love vs what we think they will love. My children are exactly the same: last weekend we went on a road trip and saw loads of great attractions but you know what they remember the most? the sofa bed in the hotel. I mean, really?! At least yours picked a crater which does, I must say, look pretty impressive :-)

  2. I’m really surprised to hear that the crater is so expensive. A pretty smile doesn’t cut it to get in?

  3. I have driven through Arizona. You are so ready to get out of the car for the meteor crater…so ready! Love it.

    • Arizona is lovely to drive through. It’s someone those corn-lined highways in the Midwest that’ll get to you. Lol.

  4. I love the unexpected places, often more than the planned ones! I wish there were more discounts for those of us with lot of kids- 4 + 2 of my boyfriend= expensive.

  5. Thats what I love about road trips – finding unexpected places that was not on the radar at all! We are just planning our USA roadtrip visiting as many national parks as we can over 3 months. Will definitely be looking back to your posts here for ideas on how we should plan it :-) My kids would love this too!

  6. I have yet to travel much to see nature or sites like this other than visiting the Grand Canyon which absolutely blew me away.

    • The last time we visited the Grand Canyon it was full of clouds and there was zero visibility. I didn’t even know that could happen! Thankfully we hung around for awhile and the canyon appeared eventually.

  7. wow that one mighty big hole in the ground.Would love to see it

  8. Road trips often allow you to find the most unusual places. :-) Nice pics.

  9. Nice! For me, Jog Falls near Shimoga (Karnataka, India) was an accidental find! We were on our way back from Goa to Bangalore and on a detour we took accidentally, we found these falls. They were breath-taking! And yes, no entry fee either :)

  10. I love surprise finds on road trips! When we did the Road to Hana on Maui years ago, we came across the best picnic spot, we loved that stop far more than the tourist attraction – 7 pools that everyone goes to see there.

  11. Looks awesome, as usual we missed it when we did the Canyon, hope to include it on the next trip.

    • I don’t remember exactly how far it is but not terribly far, I think. Who knows, time means very little when you’re on a long road trip. Lol.

  12. That’s a huge crater, and I can’t believe you cannot find it anywhere? Maybe because of all the major parks in the area. In other countries this would be a huge tourist attraction :)
    My favourite quote is ‘put down the map and get wonderfully lost’ and that’s how you find these amazing sightings.

  13. The Flinstones park is pretty offbeat and in Arizona.


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