Let’s hear it for the Bowman Boys.


My boys, like yours, are hilarious.  They are prone to fighting and yet often generous in their sharing.  They are loud and active and physical and … all three different from each other.


It just so happens that the ladies over at The MOB Society have a link up called Let’s Hear It For The Boys and they insist that we actually brag on these crazy boys of ours a little bit.


So without further ado: Bragging (with some honesty thrown in).


Seven Year Old

Seven Year Old is very intelligent.  He tests (challenges) the authority of anyone new in his life (sorry past teachers and babysitters).  He reverts to baby talk when he’s nervous, which often happens in public and (transparency here) can embarrass me a little because I know how intelligent he is and I worry (that silly things mother’s do) that people will think him less intelligent because of his nervous behavior.  However, he’s really good at video games and he taught himself to read this past year. He’s also a pretty sensitive soul and can be very considerate and patient toward his brothers at times.  I think he might make a good husband one day. :)

Five Year Old

Five Year Old has an aggressive streak and a temper to exasperate it occasionally.  But he’s also the most empathetic of the boys I think (a nice ying/yang thing, right?) and will be the first to cry during a movie if a character is sad.  He’s highly mechanically minded and is notoriously good at figuring out how things work.  He is the reason for any baby proofing of cabinets we have ever done.   He really dislikes change and has a hard time with things like furniture rearranging or even taking off his favorite jacket (he’ll wear it for days at a time).   Ironically, he seems excited about our impending move and keeps asking us if it’s time to go yet.

Three Year Old

Three Year Old loves his brothers fiercely and desires their attention most of the time.  He’s one of those three year old’s that holds a conversation with you as you were both grown ups, which constantly cracks up visitors.  His favorite things on earth are playing New Super Mario Brothers and running around the front yard with his shield and stick swords.  Most of the time he can be found with a stick … um, sticking out of the back of his shirt, where he has it sheathed.

Eleven Year Old

Okay, so I know this is supposed to be about my boys, but Eleven Year Old is my tomboy and I didn’t want anyone to be left out.  She is an encyclopedia of animal facts.  Seriously.  I can’t even fathom how much zoological nuggets of wisdom she has stored away.  She’s developing a razor sharp wit, which I’d like to think she picked up from those funny parents of hers.  She’s also a prolific writer and has her own blog and has even released an ebook.  She adores fiction and spends most of her time reading or writing it.

And there you have it.  A rundown of all of the Wild Things.  If you feel like bragging on your brood a little today, hop on over to the MOB society link up and share. :)



  1. Woot! I love your kids! They crack me up all the time. :)
    (The internet is weird….I feel like I know your family, yet I’ve never met any of you…)
    Judy recently posted..Wednesday’s ChildMy Profile

  2. What a great post! Your kids sound awesome…as they must be! Blessings as you move, we live in Canada so welcome eh!
    Shanyn recently posted..Does his own stuntsMy Profile

  3. Enjoyed reading about your kiddos!! Thanks for sharing. :)
    Tammy recently posted..40/366My Profile

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