Me, Hippie Anderson Cooper, and Kindness.


Picture this.


I’m sitting in my dodge durango, sweating it out at a longer than usual border crossing. I’m hot.  Annoyed. Thinking about my to-do list. When a movement to my right grabs my attention.


I look over and to my surprise I find an old tan westfalia. .


There’s a big happy dog sitting in the passenger seat.  Like a husky or german shepherd, or something equally majestic.



And sitting beside him, motioning to me, is one of the more attractive baby boomers I’ve ever happened to encounter.  Piercing blue eyes, silver hair, big toothy grin, fit figure – like Anderson Cooper, except Canadian. And hippie.


In the 3 seconds it takes the electric window to lower, I imagine the worse.

My brake light is out.

Smoke is bellowing from my tail pipe.

My wallet is sitting on the roof.

A serial killer is poised behind me with a knife.


Hippie Anderson says something with his big toothy mouth, but I can’t hear him over the sound of my worst fears.


“WHAT?”, I yell.


Then hippie Anderson with his dazzling grin, sitting in his volkswagen beside his majestic dog – shouts in the most friendly way,


“Welcome to British Columbia!”


I manage to gather my thoughts long enough to yell back “Thank You” with what I hope was the appropriate amount of southern twang, before he inches ahead of me in the snails race to cross the border.


Obviously, he saw my Georgia plates and assumed this was my virgin trek across the border.  And you know what?  It made my day.  Okay, my days are long and filled with Wild things – It made my hour.


And it reminded me how we don’t offer these simple words and acts of kindness to each other often enough. We sit or stand in line and ignore the people around us, just trying not to make eye contact. Or at least, I do.


So, go be nice to someone this week.  Tell them you like their necklace, or that their hair is pretty, or that they have the most gorgeous eyes.  Tell them you really respect the patience they exhibit in their life or how something they do impacts you in a positive way.


You might be surprised the good you can do with very few words.


Has anyone surprised you lately with a random act of kindness?





  1. Betteanne says:

    so cool!

  2. Good word, Jessica. I’ve been really blessed this last week with a ton of encouragement from people. Like a care package from a friend I met on Twitter, another friend gushing over my writing, phone calls from friends that gave me the spark I needed to be present in my life that day. And I don’t let it stop there. I love to be a mutual encourager. Thanks for this reminder!

  3. I love surprising people with a kind word of holding the door open for them. It makes me wonder what they do with the rest of their day…do they share the kindness? I would like to think that they do and in just a very small way I’ve made things just a little better in my small section of the world :)

    Happy Tuesday Jessica!

  4. Sweet!

  5. Hi mom! I liked this post, and I like how your blog looks. Really–professional looking. ;)